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Richard Lawson
panel background images

Various Stuff by Timmie 2 comments

Thank you for such fantastic panel backgrounds. The copper white one is very elegant. I also like some of the colored ones, too.

Please feel free to update these with other shades of colors which will go with many different wallpapers!


lawsonrc - Jul 04 2007
aqua scrollbars

GTK2 Themes by malwk 19 comments

I'm new to Gnome. I downloaded this to my desktop, but am unsuccessful in installing it. Could you give some step-by-step instructions, please?

Thanks! - Jun 07 2007
Kristall color

Ice-WM Themes by sourcexx 14 comments

Vielen Dank, Marcooo. Fantastisch! I really like this Decoration.
New to Linux and have installed Red Hat 8.0 and Xandros 1.0 (using this with Xandros).

I particularly like the colors of the buttons in the upper right corner. Is there any way to make the colors brighter (mine seem to be a little pale).

Thanks again for a great job well done!
Richard L. - Dec 17 2002