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Thank you for writing this. This is the first vlc extension I have looked at and I am not a lua coder - I did notice that whatever is triggering the writing out of a csv row can happen many times for the same media item playing - fast forwarding etc.. all trigger a write. I made a slight change to the code to suit my needs that I added a couple of global variables LocationNow "" and LocationLast "" so I can write out 1 row per media item. My code is probably pretty bad but now I get 1 row per item played. I certainly could not have gotten this to work without all of the work you did on this. Thanks again. It is perfect for my needs.

-- uri information
local uri = item:uri()

LocationNow = uri

local info = date .. CSV_FS .. time .. CSV_FS .. title .. CSV_FS .. artist .. CSV_FS .. album .. CSV_FS .. genre .. CSV_FS .. description .. CSV_FS .. uri

if LocationLast ~= LocationNow then
LocationLast = LocationNow
end - Mar 25 2017
VLC Song Tracker

VLC Extensions
by Reiuiji

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