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Music Production by dg6nee 57 comments

Hi, I have compile errors like these:

CompressionWidgetBase.uic.cpp:23:27: error: bitratewidget.h: No such file or directory
FileInfoDlg.uic.cpp:28:31: error: compressionwidget.h: No such file or directory
FileInfoDlg.uic.cpp:29:27: error: keywordwidget.h: No such file or directory

Changing on those line from lowercase to camelcase fixes it. Probably I have a newer gcc version? I have 4.0.2. - Jan 12 2006
Yakuake Gentoo ebuild

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by faust 15 comments


May I ask why you submit your ebuild to In my opinion having a news entry for every app for every distribution makes the apps news unreadable.

Doesn't gentoo have 'portage' so you can just add it to the portage so people can install it using your distributions package manager.

And if that isn't possible isn't it better to add it to the file list of the package instead of creating a new entry?

David - Oct 12 2005

Network by George666 199 comments

thanks! - Sep 08 2005

Network by George666 199 comments

Hi, thanks for creating this program, it's really very useful!!

Is it possible to let this app start minimized in the systemtray, like amarok, when the computer boots?
I always have ktorrent on but every time I boot the computer ktorrent starts fullscreen.

Also I often have the error that the server couldn't be found, I think it would be a good idee if the messages are not taking the focus, like the online and message messages of kopete - Sep 06 2005