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Lenz H , Germany
fast user switch

Plasma 4 Extensions by micron 51 comments

Hi, I love your plasmoid! However, I miss a button to send the computer into hibernate mode. Is there any chance that this feature will be (propably optional) included in a future release? Best wishes! - Mar 05 2012

System Software by lefou 50 comments

I think Lenovo's notebooks aren't supported because they aren't able to handle tp_smapi.

Lenz. - Jan 08 2007
Gentoo (Color Scheme)

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Lenz 5 comments

It is called "Plastik Laptop" and you can get it here:

There is also a Gentoo ebuild available: - Dec 12 2006

System Software by shozaemon 38 comments

Thank you for adding the usb stick and the sorting option.

Keep your work up, this applet is really useful. - Oct 23 2006

System Software by shozaemon 38 comments

Very nice applet! :-)

Would be nice if you add an option for changing the order of the devices.

It sorts them by device-nodes. That means for me, that first comes /data then / and then /home.

I would like to have it in that order: / then /home then /data.

Would be nice to see that feature in an upcoming release.

Lenz. - Sep 10 2006

System Software by uberlord 3 comments


first of all, I want to tell you how nice your app is. I really like it, works very well.

Since the default icons don't fit very well into the Nuvola icon set, I created a icon set based on it. You can find it here:

Have fun,
Lenz. - Aug 19 2006
Landscape Keltern #1

Landscapes by blueSceaDa 19 comments

Nice composition of the colors of the landscape. Looking forward to see more of your work! :) - Jul 24 2006
KDE 3.5 Wallpaper pack

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by inckie 6 comments

Send it to me (you can find my email adress in my kde-look profile) and I'll host it till my bandwidth is used up for this month.

Lenz. - Apr 03 2006
KDE 3.5 Wallpaper pack

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by inckie 6 comments

How large is the full package? Perhaps I could mirror it. At least until my 25 GB / month traffic limit is used up.

Wonderful work, btw! - Apr 03 2006

System Software by shie 103 comments


I really like the new version 1.70. Only the recently introduced app icon could be a bit more crystaline - what do you think? - Mar 07 2006
Think Linux

Wallpaper Other by Cyr4x 5 comments

Could you perhaps post it in a higher resolution? - Mar 02 2006

ODF Spreadsheets by cord 1 comment

Great table, very useful! Unfortunately, it'll last a few years till I can use it. My studies will still last a few semesters. ;) - Feb 27 2006

Education Apps by killerjoe 31 comments

It works in both directions en->de, de->en, so it's an ende translator.

BTW, it works very well! Nice idea and nice job! - Feb 23 2006
Plastik Laptop

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KMJ 20 comments

I wrote a Gentoo ebuild for this nice windeco. Get it here:

Have fun!
Lenz - Feb 11 2006
Plastik Laptop

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KMJ 20 comments

THX! :) - Feb 11 2006
Plastik Laptop

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KMJ 20 comments

What's that colour theme of the third screenshot? Looks nice! :) - Feb 11 2006

Wallpaper Other by jamessnell 2 comments

could you add a version without the KDE logo? - Jan 26 2006
Firenze under snow

Wallpaper Other by mirtux 2 comments

Higher resolution would be great! Nice shot! :) - Jan 25 2006

Network by George666 199 comments

Yeah, download speed has become much faster than - Jan 18 2006

Wallpaper Other by kjel 7 comments

Mainly I mean the resolution. But this is the problem of your camera, not of your skills in photography. In my opinion the photo is a bit too blurred.

Nervertheless nice shot, no question! - Jan 11 2006

Wallpaper Other by kjel 7 comments

but, quality could be better. - Jan 11 2006
FTP Monitor (KDE 3)

System Software by nileshbansal 45 comments

...for updating this great kicker applet. Have been using it for ages and really like it. In addition, very useful. - Dec 27 2005
Kubuntu Ice

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Arcueid 3 comments

Though I don't use neigher Kubuntu nor Ubuntu, I like this picture. Perfect work! - Dec 20 2005
orange font

Fonts by bink 8 comments


with which program did you make this great font? - Dec 14 2005
Lipstik Package for Slackware

KDE 3.5 Themes by lordcrow 3 comments

I don't think that's a problem. It's often made this way and it's quite allright. - Dec 07 2005

System Software by xis 97 comments

Wow, that was fast! :)

Works very well, thanks! - Oct 28 2005

System Software by xis 97 comments

Can anyone write a Gentoo ebuild for that app?

Would be nice,
Lenz. - Oct 28 2005

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

In addition, I want to point out, that the way of scrolling through the tabs in yakuake-2.7 works just the other way round like one is used to from "Konsole" (MouseWheelUp means scrolling left in YaKuake, while in the KDE "Konsole" it means scrolling right).

Would be nice to unify the behaviour of these two apps. Would improve the usability, I think.

-- Lenz - Oct 14 2005

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

I really like the idea of having a quake style console which is always available by simply pressing a key. :)

Unfortunately I'm not so much the transperency fan and don't like the transparent tabbar so much. Could you perhaps integrate an option for a tabbar which has a design like the tabbar in the KDE console "Konsole"?

Would be nice, because doesn't look so good if yakuake isn't transparent but the small tabbar is.

-- Lenz - Oct 14 2005

Network by George666 199 comments

Ok, I updated to 1.1 and now it works! THX for this great app!!! :) - Oct 09 2005

Network by George666 199 comments

Very promising app. Unfortunately the speed capping doesn't seem to work. I restricted it to 12 kb/sec but it still uploads with full speed. So I can't surf the net while downloading. :(

But on the whole, a very promising app! Hope I can deinstall Azureus soon. :) - Oct 09 2005

Wallpaper Other by ChristianNickel 6 comments

On the one hand I like it, but I think the font could be a bit sharper. In my opinion it's a bit too blurred. Could you make a edition with a sharper font?

Lenz. - Oct 06 2005

Science by NiQ 26 comments

First of all, I have to say that your program is a very useful calculator.

I use the KDE version. Would anyone make an icon for this great app?

-- Lenz - Sep 23 2005

System Software by yogin 134 comments

Any Gentoo ebuild available?

Your program looks great! - Sep 18 2005
Fall is Coming

Wallpaper Other by ryansinn 12 comments

Yes, it's too large. Don't like it with such a big copyright, because it destroys the whole atmosphere. - Sep 13 2005
KMetabar - (Modified Metabar 0.7)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zammi 171 comments

I'm unhappy with 0.8 because of this html based thing. It lasts a few seconds (on my machine) before the render engine (it uses khtml?) is loaded and therefore the sidebar becomes unnecessarily slow to activate. I still use your official 0.7 release, because it's more fluent. In addition, I like the 0.7 design the better (e.g. the kde style buttons).

I'll try KMetabar soon, looks great on the first sight. - Sep 08 2005

System Software by ksergio 12 comments

A bit late, but: Done! :)

Gentoo ebuild available here: - Jul 21 2005
The last missing feature... :D - Jul 14 2005
Finnish sunset

Wallpaper Other by aleivo 3 comments

Very nice! :) - Jul 09 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by moodwrod 16 comments


First of all, nice theme! It rocks! :)

But I disliked the 3.3 in the shadow of the background because I use the current KDE 3.4. So I started Gimp and removed it. You can download the alternative background here:

Feel free to integrate it into your theme (if you want)! - Jun 29 2005
summer os

Wallpaper Other by debian1993 8 comments

Really cute Tux. Nice wallpaper for the current hot summer days... ;) - Jun 24 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by PaT 347 comments

Thank you for continuing the work on your great style. This is really good news. T H X! It's my absolute favourite, no other style used since 0.1. :)

-- Lenz - Jun 23 2005
Plowing a Row

Wallpaper Other by n8f8 3 comments

Why do you vote the picture down? I think it's nice... - Jun 20 2005
Forest vegetation

Nature by kitov 2 comments

Hey, your pictures really rock! Keep your work up, the 'nature section' of my wallpaper directory gets filled with your work week by week. :) - Jun 16 2005

Wallpaper Other by weinfurt 6 comments

Full ACK! This doesn't look so tasty.

I also can contribute a grill, how is this one? ;) - Jun 16 2005

Chat & Messenging by Sho 91 comments

That's good news! Thanks :) - Jun 07 2005

Chat & Messenging by Sho 91 comments


I really like the idea with the links to Wikipedia via [[keyword]]. But, unfortunately only Konversation seems to support it. Could there be an alternnative option added, which replaces the [[keyword]] with an URL which every IRC client understands?

Thank you for this great IRC client, keep your work up! :)
Lenz. - Jun 07 2005
Masada at Sunrise

Wallpaper Other by gri6507 1 comment

Simply great. Nice mood! :) - Jun 03 2005
Free Disk Space Applet

System Software by hannibal331 33 comments

Thank you. In addition, I would really enjoy it if it was possible to have three rows on a "normal" sized kicker. As it is now, it is two rows though there would be space for another row. It would be the best, if one could set up the number of rows manually.

I want to say that I really like the idea of this applet, but as it is now it takes IMO still too much space of the kicker. - May 10 2005
Free Disk Space Applet

System Software by hannibal331 33 comments

Could you add icons for 'General' and 'Disk Drives' in the options dialogue? I addition, you could rename 'Disk Drives' to 'Partitions' because mount points haven't to be the whole disc.

-- Lenz - May 10 2005