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Martins Steinbergs Salaspils, Latvia

Tactics & Strategy by kleag 82 comments

same problem on my gentoo

i did manualy simlinked libksirk_*.so to /usr/lib64 to get it working - Dec 22 2006
kim+Set serv menus/right click ACTIONS

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by blurymind 13 comments

more intelligent setup needed. kim is good but i dont need all default goodies for simple actions. all i use is resize and compress photos. besides resize i usually use to shrink, so i changed script not to grow photos which are smaler than desired size. so customize scripts to user liking would be great. add custom scripts to service menu would be better, i made one for brightening dark spots in photos but it took time. - Apr 06 2006
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

Graphic Apps by cbouveyron 197 comments

install failed here too. first i should edit and give full path to kde-config and kdialog. then there is something wrong with kdialog part and I replaced it with:

Type=${1} ${2} $3}

for 1=intall; 2=1+plugins and 3=uninstall

now everthing works with:
./ 3 && ./ 2

checked so far flash slideshow, seems must keep in mind that works good only with landscape images. - Apr 04 2006

Video Apps by mf2 115 comments

we need configure has --with-qtdir option. qt4 dosnt work and qt3 configure doesnt see or something like that.
but i might be wrong. - Feb 16 2006

System Software by ronnyK18 84 comments

here bootsplash segfaults on x86_64 with kde-3.5.1. just a note if it should run smooth - Feb 11 2006