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Roman Sukochev
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 347 comments

in ubuntu 8.10 media-applet not work with aurora-engines
in all other engines work fine - Jan 11 2009
Aurora Elegant

GTK2 Themes by gmeier 34 comments

In Firefox and Gnome-commander top menu (File Edit View...) displayed with black color font, on other windows all fine - white color. And on normal windows when hover cursor under some menu option - it's color changed to lightblue. But in Firefox and Gnome-Commnader - it's not changed ((
Fix this bug please.
See screenshot

Thanks for best theme!

Sorry for my English - Jan 08 2009
Merge PDF

Nautilus Scripts by diogosousa 6 comments

I try your metod, but it not work for my 'Desktop' directory... in my localization this directory named - 'Рабочий стол' - Sep 07 2008
Merge PDF

Nautilus Scripts by diogosousa 6 comments

if in filename path has spaces - this script not work.

for example path:
/home/leolik/test folder/111 - Jul 27 2008
Font Installer

Nautilus Scripts by Vecna 24 comments

I translate to Russian -

Thank's for script! - May 23 2008
Dark Metacity Mod

Metacity Themes by fish95 2 comments

Where download link?
When click download - screenshot opened. - May 23 2008
Song bird icons

Icon Sub-Sets by rickyccullen 2 comments

Thanks! - Dec 22 2007
Open Menus For Gnome Panel (1.1)

Icon Sub-Sets by Gadem 10 comments

why Ubuntu is blue?? - May 22 2007

Cliparts by Corsair 3 comments

Super! - Mar 22 2007
big thanks! - Mar 16 2007
Gangsta Tux (Ubuntu)

Cliparts by jiiprah 2 comments

Ubuntu tux! Cool!
Thanks! - Mar 15 2007
how about amd64 version? - Feb 28 2007