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Simple and Soft

Cursors by matis 14 comments

I have been using this theme for ages, and it is perfect.

But I recently found since moving to Fluxbox/Firefox combination that Firefox falls back to 'default' black X11 cursors when busy (pointer with clock).

This never showed in KDE, so I never noticed.

So, to fix this up, 2 symlinks are required in the cursor/ directory:

#> ln -s left_ptr_watch 08e8e1c95fe2fc01f976f1e063a24ccd


#> ln -s hand1 9d800788f1b08800ae810202380a0822

Now all works perfectly :-)

Nick - Feb 28 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

With so many great styles/themes around now (Serenity, Domino et al) - this one is excellent and slightly pips them.

I really like the way scrollbar/menu spacing etc. is adjustable - I hate big widgets :-)

One small bug... in the [configure...] of the style, if you only adjust a spin box or color and [OK] the apply button doesn't become active. I found I had to toggle a checkbox to get it to happen.

Other than that - perfect (even more perfect with the colour scheme 'coffee' gotten from here)! This is the style/theme I have been looking for.


Nick - Sep 12 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by Maxilys 251 comments

Thanks, this is really good... but just one comment :-)

The buttons are gradient coloured from top left to bottom right (as you see them on screen). How can I slighly darken the 'light' colour of the button gradient?

At the moment the top left hand corner of the button almost blends into the window colour.

But anyway, this is very good. Thanks for all the hard work!

Nick - Sep 11 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by morgenrot 404 comments

This is a superb style/theme - I was after one with a 'narrow' scrollbar, and this fits the bill nicely - and all of it is very well polished.

Thanks again :-)

Nick - Sep 07 2006
Apollo 11 returns

Wallpaper Other by Lethe 3 comments

Well after thinking overnight I thought it would be better to convert the raw hi-res crop I done to png and reduce colours to get the file size rather than reduce the jpg quality - this should/could help people resize the image if they need without the jpg artifacts produced.

But then again, I am no image expert - did I do wrong?

Nick - May 29 2006