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VLC Extensions by kempfjb 12 comments

I use firefox with NoScript. When I click on download link I get lua code (as a plain text) instead of downloading. From before I know that in firefox you can choose what happened with some of file formats (tools>options>applications). However There is no lua type, so for this situation solution is "file>save as":
140696-lyricsextension.lua (number may wary) then move that file in vlc directory (folder). If you can download regularly (just clicking) on download button on this extension page then good for you. The exact directory depends of your environment, but it must be not difficult to find. In my case it is portable vlc, and path is "c:\videosoftware\vlc\vlc-2.1.3\lua\extensions". Just put it there. In my case there is one extension already VLSub.luac, which is also can be found in vlc: tools>plugins_and_extensions as VLsub 0.9.10. As you see its luac no lua (I think "c" is for compiled), but you can leave 140696-lyricsextension.lua as is. Now just use "reload extension" button in vlc "tools>plugins_and_extensions" and you can see new extension: "Lirycs Finder". So I suppose that for most people is enough just to download extension in right folder, but for those who must go around, as myself, this longer answer can be useful. So long and thanks... for the fishes, you know. - May 10 2014