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Lutchy Horace
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 842 comments

by panzi
Score 86.9%
Nov 05 2010
How do you configure this widget to stay on top --- Also, can you add icons to it --- I tried dragging a few widgets onto it, but it doesn't work? - Jan 10 2010
Tragedy Black

Plasma Color Schemes 4 comments

Score 70.0%
Apr 23 2009
Here's an example - Dec 30 2009
In some boxes, I get a Black Background with Black text --- and LanceLot as well? How do I fix?
- Dec 30 2009
Aurorae Theme Engine

Various Plasma Theming 178 comments

Score 82.0%
Aug 14 2009
This version should fix some issue that people had occurred earlier

This script won't make sure if you have the packages you need to install Aurorae theme engine. Like gcc, gcc-c++, and kdebase-workspace-devel, and cmake - Oct 27 2009