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Jun 20 2019
Two things I realized and now kinda feel stupid for requesting it.

1. Most VOD streams don't broadcast the video in one huge chunk but rather a bunch of individual segments (caching - how did I even forget about that?). in particular has it's own technique, which makes it a bit more complex since the VLC seeker utilizes linear extrapolation of the bandwidth to determine the exact time mark.

2. Due to VLC's implementation it is mostly a guess game. Nightly builds seem to help a bit but more than often it will just glitch and either not display the time properly or not at all.

Really appreciate the effort but I think there is only so much you can do without official support. As far as I can tell it is not very high on the list, been neglected for years and might be a long time until we see these changes in a stable build let alone a proper implementation. Nonetheless thanks a bunch, learned something from this. - Jun 20 2017
I tried using the start-time option but had the same result, it would play back from the start.
Streaming an 8h long video and trying to guess where the 6:15 mark is or so, on top of the caching each time you switch the position on the seek bar, is really tedious. At least with the time being displayed it is a huge improvement over vanilla builds. I will definitely give nightlies a try. Thank you! - Jun 15 2017
Works great!
Is it possible to parse a link with start time variable?
If I use it still streams from the very beginning instead of the specified time.
Follow up question: is it possible to display the proper time on the seekbar in VLC or will it always stay at 0=:00 when streaming?

Thanks! - Jun 13 2017 playlist parser

VLC Playlist Parsers
by stefansundin

Score 77.7%
9   Jun 13 2017