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Nov 28 2017
You could download it here? As far as I know, I only put some basic info here and a link to my GitHub where you'll find the installation instructions - Aug 25 2018
I wrote a small KWin script to check client names of applications but I'm sure there is a more user-friendly way to find out the client name of an application, sadly I don't know of any but I'm sure someone on the KDE forums or Reddit can help you with that. (You'll also notice that some applications have very inconsistent client names, for example the client name of gimp is gimp2.10 for example and thus has the version name in it, while normally most applications only have the actual name of the application.) - Aug 11 2018
I wanted to keep the default list as small as possible, not everyone will have yakuake installed for example, the current default list with clients that are always ignored are "ksmserver, krunner, lattedock, Plasma, plasma, plasma-desktop, plasmashell, plugin-container". The UI allows you to add more applications to be ignored if the user has more installed than the bare minimum that comes with a plasma installation. - Aug 11 2018
this is the global shortcut that you're looking for: Grid-Tiling: Move *Left/Up/Down/Right* Desktop

Desktop numbers are currently not supported yet, only directional - Aug 11 2018
That is because at the moment moving clients from one virtual desktop to the other is only supported through the 'Grid-Tiling' global shortcuts. In other words, the default KWin buttons to move clients from one virtual desktop to another are not supported. In the future I plan to let the script support the default KWin shortcuts to move clients between virtual dekstops but currently I'm a bit busy. This ticket describes what you observe - Aug 11 2018
Glad you found the shortcut :) I don't understand what you mean by "when this is off the windows don't stack" and regarding your devilspie comment, I've never used i3wm or devilspie but from a quick google I believe KWin rules are what you're after if you want the KDE equivalent of devilspie but I may be wrong. - Aug 10 2018