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Joe Estock
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Wallpapers KDE Plasma by linuxguru 1 comment

if i receive some feedback or notice a fair ammount of downloads and/or ratings on this one i will keep working on it. let me know what you think of it :) - Nov 20 2002
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Wallpaper Other by linuxguru 3 comments

for those of you downloading this, i would appreciate it greatly if you would
comment on it so that i know what to produce next. doing so helps me decide
what i should add to my next submission.

enjoy! - Nov 19 2002
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Wallpaper Other by linuxguru 3 comments

it is possible (as the picture above shows) to run
photoshop under linux. the version i am running is
photosho 6. i did a custom install and unselected
imageready (although imageready works under linux as
well, i just dont use it often). the problem with
photoshop in linux is the font files adobe uses
in photoshop. upon loading the fonts, photoshop will
fail to start. this is resolved by parsing the fonts
first (via wine), as well as adding a couple of native
windows dll's to your wine configuration. i would be more
than happy to assist anyone that is trying to run
photoshop, just drop me a line via email. sorry for not
using 100% linux products, but i couldn't stand the gimp
anymore :) - Nov 19 2002