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GTK3 Themes 90 comments

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Aug 02 2017
finally, i have found problem with black background in opera!

to solve the problem, you need following style
GtkLabel:insensitive {
background-color: @theme_bg_color;
instead transparent

with my theme has have the same problem. - Nov 01 2012
i just guess.

i found bug with my theme, if

GtkViewport {
background-color: transparent;

and if widget path is GtkWindow.GtkFrame.GtkFrame.GtkAlignment.GtkViewport
and overlay-scrollbar enabled, then GtkViewport have black background.
I check this several times, and every time when overlay-scrollbar was enabled, GtkViewport background was black.

also, one user report same as this bug with my theme, but he left discussion before i found this bug. - Oct 26 2012
I found that in some cases back background color can appear when enabled overlay-scrollbar. - Oct 25 2012
(Clearlooks-Phenix 3 for GTK 3.6 and newer) and Opera 12.02 Build 1629 on ubuntu 12.10.
Background in this dialog is correct. - Oct 24 2012

GTK3 Themes 14 comments

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Nov 01 2012
To identify QT version you can use command
dpkg -l libqtgui4

but any way, in ubuntu 12.04 my theme will have some bugs, becouse it use gtk css syntax from gtk 3.6, which is not available in Ubuntu 12.04, sorry, i don't have possibility to support two versions.
I have updated all of my computers to the latest version of Ubuntu.. - Oct 24 2012
Probably problem in QGtkStyle, it is part of QT since 4.5.
In Ubuntu quantal and QT 4.8.3, problem is not exist.
Which version do you have? - Oct 24 2012
Ok, i think that i have found this dialog,
here is how it looks on my computer - Oct 24 2012
Ok, i see the problem, but i don't understand how to reproduce that.
Can you explain what you are doing? - Oct 23 2012
0.3.1 - fix notebook tab borders in opera settings dialog. - Oct 23 2012
Thanks for report.
Please, try latest theme version and latest opera. i tested with Opera 12.02, only notebook tab borders, in settings dialog, are incorrect.
Opera is not my favorite browser, may be i understand you incorrectly, if your problem still present, please share screenshoot with problem. - Oct 23 2012
No problem!
Let me know if you will find an incorrect rendering in some application. - Oct 20 2012

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

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Oct 19 2012
sorry i miss this message before.
about what line you are talking? - Nov 10 2009
before you start, do this commands in to you own risk! If you don't understand what this commands do, then will be better if you wait for gnome 2.22 release.

before you start change theme to mist (or human) to unload clearlooks library

i don't know which linux you are use, so

download Clearlooks-flat-compact-theme.tar.gz and unpack it to ~/.themes

then use this command to find where engines in your linux
$ find /usr -iname
usually it return

so just replace this lib with my.
for example
cd /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines
sudo mv ./ ./

cd /tmp

sudo tar zxvf ./ -C /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines
sudo chmod 644 /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/
sudo chown root:root /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/

now you can change theme to Clearlooks-flat-compact

if for any reasons you don't like this lib you may roll back with this commands

change theme to mist (or human) to unload clearlooks library

cd /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines
sudo rm ./
sudo mv ./ ./

i'm understand you, hope you understand me :)
good luck! - Feb 08 2008

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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May 11 2009
theme at pictures and in archive are different! - May 18 2009
Small and Lite

GTK2 Themes 47 comments

by bINX
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Dec 11 2010
I'm not a spammer, it was the first link that i post in comments.
Also it is my personal opinion, i didn't vote for this teme.
What i really want it more compact themes for gnome. And target of my comment was: what can be done better, that is all.
Hope you understand me. My English not so good, sorry. - Apr 30 2009
Nice theme but not balanced,
Some elements very small but others very big.
For example scroll bar and tab bar in gedit.

Try to use my theme with your favorite engine? - Apr 29 2009

Metacity Themes 4 comments

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Jun 30 2008
Check my content.
Latest compact theme

If you have gnome 2.22 or better you don't need patch gtk2 engine, just download

Otherwise this gtk2 theme will not work. - Jun 30 2008
sorry, I'm use only metacity and compiz. - Jun 30 2008
Clearlooks Compact

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

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May 13 2008
This is my version
but i give up.
- Nov 12 2007

GTK2 Themes 3 comments

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Aug 21 2007
Try to comment first line (gtk-icon-sizes = ....) in ~/.themes/Aurora-compact/gtk-2.0/gtkrc
then switch to default Celar-looks theme and back to Aurora-compact.
Then buttons and some elements will be bigger. - Aug 22 2007

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Jul 11 2007
and big progress bar size it is program design problem, not style
if you look at third screen at top gnome-panel you can see gxmms with little progress bar size. - Jul 12 2007

Here you can see differences (at bottom default clearlooks, at top
compact theme but without patched engine, and at the right compact
theme with patched engine) - Jul 12 2007
it is gxneur program - Jul 11 2007
thanks! - Jun 13 2007
QIP smiles for Pidgin (kolobok smiles)

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

by Sb0y
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Oct 06 2009
why not use original big pack from official site? - Jul 02 2007
Score 74.1%
9   Nov 15 2010