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Felipe Ferreira Gravataí­, Brazil
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Dec 28 2007
You think thus, but many other people not…
more than 36600 downloads until this moment!!

Taste is not argued! ;-)

Thank's for its commentary!

Sorry for my bad english, i'm speak Brazilian Portuguese... - Sep 02 2007
Thanks!!!!!! - Aug 01 2007
No problem!!!!! - Jul 23 2007
It is not error in the Icon Theme, but some type of bug of evolution 2.10.1.

But after inserted in the messages, emoticons appears normally.

Thanks! - Apr 24 2007
Enters in the folder of the icon theme, /.icons/OsX_MoD/Scalable/Apps/48/ and rename the distributor-logo icon, for any another name that you wants.

It restarts the ready icon theme and enjoy. - Apr 22 2007
Obrigado pelo comentário!!!

Estou a usar o Avant Window Navigator, da uma conferida no site deles:

E aqui estão as instruções para instalação no Ubuntu:

Mas para usar o Avant, você precisa ter o beryl rodando, senão não funciona! - Apr 19 2007
In the use of which application you it observed this? Which the full name and the localization of these icons that you cited?

Thanks, for the comments. - Apr 19 2007
In Ubuntu, put this command in the gnome-terminal: alacarte.

In other Linux distributions it verifies if this package is available, through synaptic.


- Apr 19 2007
Thanks FantOmen!

I used the icon of the distributor-logo, that you it ordered me, as default of the icon theme!

Thanks!!!!! - Apr 19 2007
Thanks!!!! :-)

The icon python is an icon of the system, and it cannot be modified with a icons theme, the same thing occurs with firefox.
Uses the Menu Editor of ubuntu for this.

Or at least I not yet found I how to make to modify it!

- Apr 19 2007
For EXTRA icons, it uses the Menu Editor of ubuntu for this.

- Apr 03 2007

I am working to correct this, but not yet it will be corrected in the next update. Sorry.

Thanks for using my icon theme.

Thanks!!!!!! - Apr 02 2007
Dia icon is modified in the next update.

Python icon, will be placed in an extra package, together with others icons, in the next update.

- Apr 02 2007

I am working in new updates, and I will also modify this icon.

- Apr 02 2007
I am working in new updates, and I will also modify this icon.

Thanks. - Apr 02 2007
This is a mix of GNOME-MacOS-Vista...

Thanks for your comment!!!!! - Mar 20 2007
thanks for your comment!!!!! - Mar 20 2007

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Apr 25 2007
The download link, is not functioning! Please, it arranges link.

Sorry for my English, I'm not speak english.

Thanks! - Apr 25 2007
Vista Linux GDM

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Oct 08 2006
Thanks!! - Oct 11 2006
Please, update! bad link! - Oct 10 2006
Thanks! iraiscoming223

En español:

¡Muchísimas gracias por la corrección, aprecio mucho a la gente que me permite aprender algo nuevo!
¡Gracias, amigo!

In brazilan portuguese:

Muitissímo obrigado pela correção, aprecio muito as pessoas que me permitem aprender algo novo!
Obrigado, amigo! - Oct 08 2006

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May 15 2006
The great X of the deep one, is a homage to of linux, but thanks a lot for its commentary, and it forgives me for my English, it is that I do not know to say English and therefore I used the translation tool online of google. - May 16 2006