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Various KDE Stuff by liquidchile 2 comments

Thank you! I agree with you 100% There's lots of amazing software popping up everyday.
I actually thought it would be cute if I had written it in python...I could slap on a clever slogan like "Written in Python, for pythons, while watching Monty Python!" - Aug 10 2004
Animated Keramik

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by clee 18 comments

Oh wow, i just found this, and it is awesome. Definetly one of those lil bits of eye candy that was always lacking. Does anyone know if there is any sort of patch like this for Mosfet's liquid? - Nov 22 2003
Natural Snake

Wallpaper Other by SPech 4 comments

Thanks! I love this version!
Just wondering, is the Boa yours? The facial markings are really unique looking. - Nov 21 2003
Blue Snake

Wallpaper Other by SPech 4 comments

I really like this! It gives me a couple of good ideas too ;-)

One request however, can you make a version with the Boa in natural colours? The blue looks cool, but Boas are so beautiful anyway, i don't think there is anway to enhance on something so perfect. :-) - Nov 20 2003
Super Weather Pixie

Karamba & Superkaramba by liquidchile 3 comments

Thank you!
Yeah, i was actually thinking about building the url dynamically. I didn't know if there would be enough interest to warrant it, but i'm glad there is! - Nov 19 2003
GCC (Greyish Curtain Call)

Wallpaper Other by sorensilk 1 comment

Dark and inudstrial, i like it. - Nov 17 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by liquidchile 2 comments

Well, that depends. For example, lets say you have "Livejournal" selected as your journal, then it will post to livejournal. It actually doesn't technically post for you (not yet, at least), it just brings up the web interface to post entries. Which web interface is determined by the type of journal. (so, if you enter blurty as your journal, it will pull up the blurty web interface, if you select deadjournal, it will pull up the deadjournal one.)

Of course, instead of bringing up the web interface for your journal, you can enter the name of a program for an update client. For example, i enter logjam as my client, and whenever i click update journal, it brings up logjam.

I hope this makes sense.
It the readme isn't clear enough, let me know and i'll try to flesh it out :-) - Nov 10 2003
Karamba Journal Friends Feed

Karamba & Superkaramba by liquidchile 3 comments

Yeah, its a tad involved to get it working properly. Basically you just have to make sure that the config file reflects your friends. If you have trouble getting it to work, let me know.

I have some really nifty things in store for the next version if i ever get around to it. I'm glad you like! - Jul 29 2003
Looks like Plastic Candy

Wallpaper Other by folyn 2 comments

Keep up the good work. :-) - Jul 09 2003