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Tom Peter
Black Frost

Plasma Color Schemes by mwoehlke 2 comments

Generally I don't like dark themes but I loved the amarok Funky Monkey theme and this is what comes nearest to it.

Great work! - Feb 19 2009

Wallpaper Other by c8io 2 comments

Download doesn't work, could you fix it, please? - Apr 24 2008

Be-Shell/Bespin by thomas12777 1663 comments

...and I definitely gonna love this, when KDE4 hits my Desktop (I´m pretty busy thus I have not much time to play around w/ the actual RC1...)

I loved Mosfet´s work, also but after the years I really got tired of that glossy macish look. You just see it everywhere. So it´s time for something new and fresh.

Keep up that great work - Dec 02 2007

Various KDE Stuff by binner 59 comments

That means reversing the whole work of at least one year. I don´t think that this will happen any soon. - Aug 23 2007
Moodin (Engine) + Themes

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by moodwrod 244 comments

moodwrod, hi

yesterday I installed moodin successfully and everything seemed to work find. I can test the themes in kcontrol and they seem to work fine (except from the little redraw problem when exiting testing mode).

After rebooting the splashscreen doesn´t show up correctly. The background image doesn´t show up (white background) and the icons don´t redraw correctly. This seems to be a problem with Xgl.

Any ideas?


lizzard - Jun 04 2007
Winter - Ludwig Castle - Germany

Wallpaper Other by blackhat77 4 comments

It´s a Picture of the famous German/Bavarian Castle Neuschwanstein. You can find lots of Infos about it here:

It was and still is a model for lots of famous Film Castles and also was the model for the Castles in Disneyland (America and Europe).

- Nov 19 2006
Rusty Metal

Icon Sub-Sets by oberonking76 4 comments

Since I became somewhat of an mac-gloyy-aquastyle hater during the last few months I already thought of an Icon Set like that.

Since my artistic talent goes to zero, I really like to see a complete Icon set in Rusty Metal; a nice KDE style would be great, too ;)

Keep up that work. It really rocks! - Nov 07 2006