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Karamba & Superkaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 14 comments

by lkcl
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Oct 31 2006
ok, the sub-theme loading thing:
i fixed it. as i don't do very
much work on this stuff, i might
not have uploaded it: if you find
that it doesn't work for you, let
me know ( and i can
sort it out. - Feb 17 2007
ok i think i don't need to do a superkaramba binary any more - enough places with kde 3.5.1+ out there. fixed a bug where dynamicmenu.theme is correctly automatically loaded from the same subdirectory as kroller.theme. hurrah! - Oct 30 2006
it's out - Feb 01 2006
heya, yep, it went into svn 2 days ago, hopefully just in time for the kde 3.5.1 release.

it should have gone in 18 months ago (see netdragon patches).

I am now working on adding KDirLister support which will allow you to create konqueror filemanager replacements. search "wheeloffortune" on kdelook.

- Jan 22 2006
it's now in svn due for 3.5.1 - Jan 21 2006
i fixed this. - Jan 21 2006
1) take an icon from your desktop or from your home directory (in konqueror), click-and-hold the icon.

2) drag the mouse over to the icon in kroller representing the program that you want to be run.

3) let go of the mouse button.

this is called "drag-drop". the resultant action will be, with this version of superkaramba, and with kroller.sez, that the program you drag-dropped the file onto will be started up and then the file opened with that program.

in the ordinary versions of superkaramba, you can only tell _what_ got drag-dropped, you can tell _where_.

see for a simple example of how to use the code. - Jan 16 2006
okay, the issue with restarting superkaramba causing potential conflicts as both superkaramba _and_ kroller attempt to start up a dynamicmenu them _each_ is now gone away.

you will still need the binary or to compile from source yourself, until such time as kde 3.5.1 comes out. - Jan 16 2006
sorry eclectic!
the patches that i did were "lost"
in the superkaraamba development
failure 18 months ago.
i submitted the patches needed
to run kroller.sez back then:
nobody picked them up, however.
it took a year for anyone to notice,
then superkaramba got picked
up by the kde deverlopers and
integrated into kde 3.5.

i didn't find about this until
a couple of months ago, whereupon
it was too late to get the patches
into kde 3.5.

so basically, if you wait until
kde 3.51, you will be able to
run kroller.sez simply by installing
kde 3.51.

yes - it's a bit unusual to have to
install your own patched version of
superkaramba, but notw you know why. - Jan 06 2006
superkaramba has session management.

the session management automatically loads up themes.

kroller.sez _also_ loads up themes (sub-themes).

the two conflict quite nastily when you restart KDE.

it's therefore important that you do not allow superkaramba to be "session managed" by KDE, to run this theme.

instead, run it from a startup script. - Nov 29 2005
please note! kroller.sez-v0.94.1 is for KDE 3.5 only! i have submitted an updated patch for KDE 3.5 to the kde development team (p0z3r) and it has some minor changes. don't download kroller.sez-v0.94.1.tgz and expect it to work with the superkaramba download!

also, you _may_ find that you need to put the themes into a directory, and modify the to load the sub-theme (dynamicroller.theme) by the full pathname.

you will find that there is an example of this already in - i place everything (on production machines) in /usr/share/kroller.sez-v0.94. - Nov 23 2005
KDE Kicker Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

by demom
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Jun 11 2004
it works _fine_ with my KDE 3.5.4 debian/testing desktop, i compiled it over two years ago and as a plugin it _still_ works :) - Feb 17 2007
oh and btw: it works fine with kde 3.3 i haven't recompiled for 3.4 or 3.5 though. - Feb 17 2007
i absolutely love it. the KDE menu is shit: it's a vertical menu, which is one more mouse movement up, across.... OFXK, i moved the mouse in the wrong direction have to start again.

this is a _significant_ program and i'm stunned that the dev team haven't picked it up.

i'll go kick them again. - Feb 17 2007

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

by lkcl
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Jan 28 2006
oh btw I did end up adding file preview functionality. I have yet to work out how to best use it - probably in a separate theme, with intercommunication to pass the ur? to be viewed.

iwa thinking of doing a sidebar style theme which slides out from the side, hides again after a few seconds. that way I can think about using mouse-move rather than click, to make the fileviewer thme activate.

it also means code separation and also it could be used (activated) by other themes too. - Jan 31 2006
okay, i fixed the crashing subdirectory thing with more than 100 files wil upload a new patch and new binary soon - Jan 20 2006
heya, i did say experimental, didn't i? :)

welcome to running someone else's binary.

try this: ldd /usr/bin/superkaramba
and look through the listing to ensure that there's nothing missing.

if there is, then you really need to compile from source yourself: check out the KDE latest svn source code for kdeutils/superkaramba, apply the patch, add the three files into the kdeutils/superkaramba/src directory.

contact the people on #superkaramba on for advice, okay? - Jan 20 2006

its a replacement for konqueror's file browser, basically.

no it doesn't do content viewing or preview, I don't want it to be a replacement for plasma or for superkaramba to turn into pykde but I DO want to do something cool and radically WOW for file browsing.

and this is it!

its best tried with a wheelmouse, but if you don't have one you can still play. the "jog" to whizz the files round in your directory takes getting used to - just try it, you will be stunned not least because it is so smooth and so quick.

at the moment do not browse directories with more than 100 files, it will crash. sorry. I am working out a fix.

the days of windows lookalike desktops are numbered. - Jan 19 2006
sunbeam and moonshine

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

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Feb 13 2006
dude, get onto superkaramba NOW!!!

this functionality is GREAT and if you want it included in kde 3.5.1 talk to p0z3r QUICK.

in combination with my kde "system menu" patches, this makes superkaramba a _complete_ replacement for kicker. - Jan 16 2006 Search

Karamba & Superkaramba 29 comments

by sg1
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Nov 22 2005
you'd need to use the SOAP api to do it properly, and for that you need to register a username/password.

yes, there is code (in python) kicking around to do both SOAP and also the google access. - Nov 17 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 162 comments

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Jan 13 2005
last year i did a _major_ rewrite of kroller, and added some enhancements to superkaramba.

anyone interested it can be obtained from here:

the code also contains some extremely useful classes - wrapper classes - which anyone who is writing superkaramba themes will find useful. - Nov 16 2005

Audio Apps 85 comments

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Apr 19 2007
1) kamix shows the names of channels.

2) kamix shows the difference between certain kinds of channels (buttons, menus)

3) on a USB audio device, kamix gets the input and output devices correct!

4) on a USB audio device, kmix things that the microphone is an output device!!!

if you fix that multiple-instances bug it'll be a useable program. - Aug 16 2004
unlike kmix, running this program more than once results in more than one instance... and therefore more than one kamix in the systray.

oops. - Aug 16 2004
please, if you don't like the fact that suse doesn't deal with dependencies for package installations then please use debian instead.

apt-get install and it will grab all the packages - and all dependencies - and all subdependencies - ad infinitum until the last squeezed drop of dependententness has been wrung out!

anyway: i feel sure that the issue you describe can be answered with a search on google, giving your OS and the error messages. - Aug 16 2004
Analog Clock

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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Apr 16 2004
for a first go at python, well done!

okay, just so you know: i'm using superkaramba cvs as of 11aug2004, and i don't get a dialog to ask me about resizing or heights.

i _do_ get one for the theme selection, though, which is very odd.

also, the ticks against the config options "toggle" even on menu items where it shouldn't, even though i see you set the config option to 0 in places:
karamba.setMenuConfigOption(widget, "defdim", "0")

oh well! - Aug 12 2004
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities 347 comments

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Oct 01 2010
basketui.rc _must_ be installed in /usr/share/apps/basket.

if it is not there (and if you run basket from the command-line it _does_ actually bitch about it being missing) then the popup-menus cannot be initialised from the QT "factory", and a NULL pointer is returned when you right-click to get a popup menu.

so, put the damn user-interface file in the right place, it works hunky-dory. - Jul 13 2004
click on "Basket 1" and you get a segfault. version 0.5.3beta1. - Jul 10 2004