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Johnny West
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Redshift Control

Plasma 5 Applets 53 comments

Score 86.0%
Aug 06 2017
How do I know what version I'm currently running? There is no indication anywhere, no about dialog, no help, no nothing. I see this a lot on plasmoids and it needs to stop. There needs to be a way to see what version is currently running without jumping through hoops. - Mar 12 2016
Thank you for this. Now when I move up to Kubuntu 15.10 in October, I'll not have to worry about loosing my Redshift capabilities. - Jul 26 2015
Netspeed Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring 49 comments

Score 84.4%
Oct 06 2019
If you could make this grab the actual bandwidth used by the network from the router running dd-wrt or tomato, that would be great. - Jan 16 2016
Bitcoin Rate

Plasma 4 Extensions 20 comments

Score 75.5%
Feb 17 2013
It no longer displays the bitcoin rate. It started off randomly showing $0.00 every now and then, now it's just blank for the past two days.

Also, there is no file in the .zip newer than June 14, 2011. I even downloaded again, but still nothing newer than that. Did the 0.9 update not get uploaded or something? Why the sudden quit working? Why no comments on here since 2011 as well?? - Mar 22 2013
Windows 7 colors

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

by msx
Score 63.3%
Jan 09 2013
When installed, this is called 'msx.Win-7-marble'. I was looking for a theme called 'Windows 7 colours' after installing. I uninstalled and reinstalled it a couple of times before noticing.

The trend of obscure naming is rampant in the desktop widget world, please, let's not follow that here. Name your theme the same as you call it, or call it what you name it.

I like this, by the way. It's now my default. Good job.

Also, I need to clean out the themes I don't use. Thanks for making me notice that as well. - Jan 07 2013

Financial 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 09 2012
I agree with arkascha. What is this thing, and why should I consider it against KMyMoney?
- Nov 09 2012
SuSE Eleganter Bootsplash

Bootsplash Various 10 comments

Score 72.2%
Jan 22 2012
Didn't rebuild initrd before. Just did and it works great.

I'd customized the grub screen on my laptop a couple of installs ago (kubuntu 9.10 or so, I think), I just haven't gotten around to finding my notes on what I'd done to do it. Not that I expect to be the same now, but it would be a starting point.

Thanks for the info. Getting closer and closer to a unified startup. If only it were possible to change the BIOS splash screen, I'd be in heaven with a totally unified experience.
- Oct 30 2012
Thanks bitcrazy. That worked for the shutdown screen but the startup screen is still the same green as before. Not counting the Grub screens - I know they're separate from Plymouth. Are there a separate Plymouth settings for startup and shutdown?

Instead of shrinking logo.png, I edited it and removed the camelion leaving the text. - Oct 30 2012
+++1 for this. I usually put my desktop to sleep, but would still love to have the whole integrated look when I do reboot it.

Green is defiantly NOT my favorite color, and would love to get rid of it. - Sep 30 2012

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 88 comments

Score 85.8%
Sep 10 2017
Done, I think. I really hate KDE's bug traking system. It's confusing as hell, and I'm never sure where to report things or if I'm reporting on the right app/module or whatever. That and very little ever seems to be done with them. - Oct 08 2012
Ahh.. That's it. I do use the default menu, but in "Classic Menu Stile". If I switch back to "Application Launcher Style", it hides on the second press. - Oct 08 2012
Oops. Forget to mention the escape key will hide it and return focus to where it was. I guess I can use that method if nothing else. - Oct 08 2012
> What happens if you press Super the second time? For me it hides the menu and returns focus, as expected.

Nothing happens. The menu stays visible with focus. The only way I can hide it is to click the mouse in the window I want to have focus.

> I guess it could depend on your KDE Workspace version (I'm running 4.9.2).

I too am on 4.9.2. OpenSuse 12.2, but the base OS shouldn't have any effect. Is there a KDE setting somewhere for this that may be defaulted differently between OpenSuse and the other dists?
- Oct 08 2012
I like this. It's definitely something I'll be using from now on and have it set to start on login. Is there any way to make it hide the menu and return focus to where it was before pressing the Super key on a secondary pressing? This will make it easier to return to where you were in case of accidental pressing. - Oct 08 2012
Outreel Encoder

Video Converters 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 28 2012
I see great potential in this and will defiantly be keeping an eye on it. It really provides an answer to a hole I've been wanting filled for a while now. I'm not sure I'd version it at 1.5.30, as it still needs some polishing up.

Problems I found on a quick run:

  • The pre-compiled .deb gives me "bash: /usr/bin/outreel: No such file or directory" when I try to run it from a console (nothing happens when I try it from the menu). The Outreel(root) menu opens a console asking for password. I didn't give it as there is no reason a video converter should ever need root access.

  • Your build instructions in the README.txt file don't work because there's no Makefile included with the source package. I had to load it in QT Creator to compile it.

  • You don't have a slot for your exit button. There is no way to exit gracefully.

  • Lastly, ffmpeg is deprecated, it even says so when you run it. Something you may want to fix before ffmpeg disappears.

  • Suggestions I have:

  • Replace ffmpeg with avconv. ffmpeg is going away to be replaced with avconf.
    [li]Don't process the video immediately after loading it. On the first run, I loaded a video before setting any settings and the thing started trying to process it. It gave me a file with no extension containing only a CRC value. No idea where that came from.

  • Use 'MKV' instead of, or as well as, 'matroska' in the Container format drop down. It took me a while to find it just scanning over the entries. Also, don't name the file <filename>.matroska, use <filename>.mkv instead, or make it user selectable if there are people who prefer to use the whole name instead of the abbreviation. Ditto for the other formats if you do the same. I only tried matroska for the quick test run.

  • Are the 'Select Output Format' and 'Container Format' dropdowns really both needed? Seems a bit redundant to me.

  • This is a biggie - Do not hard code the preset file to somewhere needing root access to write. This is the whole purpose of the directory and permissions structure of *nix, and this is what the home directory is for. If I'm not mistaken, QT has build in functions for working with configurations between the Windows registry and the *nix ~/.config directory structures to make it seamless to the developer.

  • Once again, great work. I'll be using it as is and looking forward to future releases.
    - Aug 28 2012
    Activity Manager Plasmoid Wheeled

    Plasma 4 Extensions 16 comments

    Score 79.0%
    Jun 22 2012
    KDE 4.9 is out and there is no change to the Activity Switcher I can see. Would you be willing to add the ability to add activities now? I really prefer you version to the ugly official one that takes up the whole length of the screen.

    As for the KDE team rejecting your request to merge, I think they were wrong. Just because they're planing on changing something two or three versions down the line, is no reason to stop improving it completely. They seem to be focused more on their own agenda and ignoring the users desires. They're starting to act more and more like the GNOME team. - Aug 17 2012
    Too bad. I hope they make it as clean looking as your app. I really like the way it looks more like a menu than the ugly thing they have now that takes up the whole bottom of the screen.

    Perhaps if they don't, you'll reconsider updating this?
    - Jun 28 2012
    I like this much better than the official manager. Any chance on making it able to create new activities? That's the only thing keeping the official one on my taskbar. Sure would like to free up that space. - Jun 26 2012
    BE::Platinum::Aqua (Bespin + BE::Shell)

    Be-Shell/Bespin 2 comments

    by LGD
    Score 74.0%
    Aug 16 2012
    I'm not a big fan of the brushed metal look, but this is one sweet looking theme.

    Good job. - Aug 16 2012
    Water Watcher Plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions 4 comments

    by ftg
    Score 58.0%
    May 27 2012
    Would it be possible to have it display the temperature in fahrenheit and river name on top?
    - Aug 07 2012
    Akonadi calendar plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions 63 comments

    Score 83.6%
    Nov 10 2012
    Seems to have stopped working after a major update Sunday of several KDE libraries. Had to rebuild it, after which, it works as before.

    Still loving it... :) - Jul 31 2012
    I love it. Is there any way you can make it display a clock when it's placed on the panel instead of the icon it now shows? It would also be nice if it display the date when hovered over like the native panel clock. I like it better than the native panel clocks calendar when clicked, but need at least the time displayed on the panel.
    - Jul 22 2012
    Evolve KDE

    Icon Sub-Sets 55 comments

    Score 53.9%
    Jul 16 2012
    1920x1080 too... ;) - Jul 17 2012

    Full Icon Themes 38 comments

    Score 77.2%
    May 28 2012
    in your screenshots, but please, PLEASE, get this off rapidshare and host it here on They have this wonderful feature that allows one click installation integrated with KDE. I'm getting to the point where I will refuse to install anything not hosted here, and this may be the theme that pushes me over the edge.

    I've been downloading from crapidsahare for 20 minutes now, and still have over half an hour to go. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it. - May 28 2012

    QtCurve 7 comments

    Score 70.0%
    May 03 2012
    Yeah, I had to import it before I could load it. Looks pretty good and works with 12.04.

    Good work. - May 01 2012
    Looks good, but how does one install this? Application Appearance Styles seem to need manual instillation, unlike the others, which have a 'Get New <whatever>" button.

    The file downloads as a .bespin, where style files are .qtcurv files, with a totally diffrent layout.
    - May 01 2012
    Socialdefect's Obsidian Azure

    Plasma Color Schemes 1 comment

    Score 58.0%
    Mar 27 2012
    I like this scheme except for the normal text. There is not enough contrast and the text it very hard to read at a distance. I prefer a dark scheme on my media center PC when I'm in PC mode, and really like your Obsidian Coast. - Mar 27 2012

    Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

    by WCSN
    Score 50.0%
    Mar 26 2012
    Shows up in color scheme list as WCSN insted of Haki-2. I almost missed that and thought it didn't install.

    It is a nice scheme. Subtle green tint is sort of pleasing on the eyes.

    Good job. - Mar 27 2012

    Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Mar 13 2012
    I get a 404 trying to download the file.
    - Mar 13 2012
    Browse Firefox Bookmarks

    Utilities 30 comments

    by gcala
    Score 76.7%
    Oct 03 2012
    I installed the correct .deb, but it doesn't show up in the plasmoid widget listing. - Mar 03 2012

    Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

    Score 58.0%
    Feb 10 2012
    Color scheme looks good, but I get a '404 file not found' error whene I try to download it.
    - Feb 18 2012
    MyCinema Project

    System Software 8 comments

    Score 72.2%
    May 07 2012
    What type of database backend does this use? I'm looking for something that is able to use a remote database (mysql prefered) so I won't have to worry about keeping a file updated between my laptop and desktops. - Feb 05 2011
    QuickAccess (maintenance fork)

    Plasma 4 Extensions 54 comments

    Score 72.2%
    May 27 2009
    QuickAccess is crashing Plasma on the new 4.5 betas. Please go to and look at bug #232363.

    I've just update to beta 2 and am lost without QuickAccess. Please see if you can fix it.
    - Jun 10 2010

    Network 4 comments

    by blud
    Score 58.0%
    Oct 20 2010
    Sounds like a great application. Any chance on getting a non GUI server for this? My home server runs ubuntu server without a GUI. - Mar 01 2010

    Various KDE Stuff 17 comments

    Score 63.3%
    Jul 06 2010
    The download link downloads the alpha 4 build still. - Jan 10 2010

    Utilities 11 comments

    Score 58.0%
    Aug 14 2009
    You really need to work on the download links.

    Yes, the ubuntu/debian leads to the scribus repository, but there is no way to get the newest release. Adding the repository to apt just gives you the latest official release (0.4.2-2 at this time) or, for unstable, the 0.5~svn2009515-1 version with broken dependency problems.

    Clicking on the source link leads to the fontmatrix archives with 0.6.0 as the latest.

    Where can I get the 0.6.1 source/deb?
    - Aug 15 2009

    System Software 11 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Aug 13 2009
    Ahh.. I was reading it wrong. I thought I was supposed to use the distro name as the type. Works now..
    - Jun 25 2009
    First time I used Ubuntu for the type. Tired again from clean package with Kubuntu. Same results.
    - Jun 25 2009
    Running Kbuntu 9.04 with kde 4.2.2 I get "kcmshell(9793): Unsupported distribution for KAlternatives." error on command line. App opens up but the Groups box is empty. - Jun 25 2009

    Board 2 comments

    Score 50.0%
    Jan 30 2010
    How about the source for those of us not running Suse?

    - Jul 27 2008

    Developers Apps 14 comments

    by glan
    Score 50.0%
    May 02 2010
    I get the following error when I try to compile:

    Linking CXX executable GlanLik
    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGlanWidgets
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[2]: *** [Source/GlanLik/GlanLik] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [Source/GlanLik/CMakeFiles/GlanLik.dir/all] Error 2
    make: *** [all] Error 2
    - Jul 08 2008
    Ubuntu One Dolphin Plugin

    Dolphin Service Menus
    by ShanQful

    Score 78.6%
    Nov 20 2012
    Akonadi calendar plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by grulja

    Score 83.6%
    Jul 22 2012

    by coon

    Score 72.2%
    Mar 17 2011

    Amarok 1.x Scripts
    by alterego

    Score 50.0%
    Nov 30 2009

    by deuns

    Score 50.0%
    Nov 30 2009
    Akonadi calendar plasmoid

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by grulja

    Score 83.6%
    9   Jul 22 2012