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joseph lockhart salem, United States of America

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by peluzza 7 comments

really it sounds like you are looking for a way to embed your terminal window into your desktop, this can be done (somewhat crudely) using devilspie on whatever your perfered terminal emulator is (I personally use /grimace the gnome terminal devilspie'd because it has more options on text and background colors than konsole or xterm). anyway yours sounds great, i would love to see a fully supported, embedded terminal for KDE, just thought i'd give you another option till it comes about - Dec 02 2007
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Wallpaper Other by lockhart 2 comments

thank you, several of the ones i have posed are similar in style (that is made almost entirely of deference gradients in GIMP with some play on the color waves)

if you want something specific, message me and i will try and make it and post it back here, or browse my other postings if you prefer, eitherway good day and thanks for the comment. - Nov 18 2007
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Wallpaper Other by lockhart 3 comments

thank you, always appreciate hearing feedback. - Nov 01 2007