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Leszek Ostachowski Bytom, Poland
Easy Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 53 comments

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Mar 28 2018
Some scripts are in constant deep modernization
I deal with this in my free time and do not follow meticulously all the minor but conscious changes I have made outside the general. And that the scripts operate and test them on my own aged hard drive, there is a lot of risk of losing them even due to a mistake when operating multiple tests. .., thanks. - Mar 14 2018
it is dependent on meny figs.. as desktop environment ( KDE, GNOME,..) and setup them.
In KDE it is somewhere in session management in system settings... - May 01 2016
The approach to security is very different in the different distributions. Therefore, it is hard to write a universal code that will work on each popular distributions without creating and testing a number of conditions. GNU / Linux is oriented to support multiple users in a given environment system by one system which leads to the creation of many barriers for users to do not harm others. ( but root is always root and do what root do :)
In an environment of one machine and one user it leads to situation which the most protected is the system as other users before its owner. Therefore, most security is system not your data :).
Now Simply, the root password is needed when program modify something outside your home directory, that have impact on way which work system and mention it to you. - May 01 2016
"I await a possible update to the "KDE version 5" .
IT UP Partially works without KDE5 , however function will clicks and video card NOT work in KDE5 ."... - `kde-konfig4` command gives version = 5 for new Plasma Desktop... so change `$KDE_SESSION_VERSION = 4' on '$KDE_SESSION_VERSION -ge 4' in themes... You can use KdeFileReplace on EasyMonitor -'/home/test/.kde4/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/EasyMonitor/'... or change all for your permanent command and patch... - Oct 19 2015
Sorry it's my mistake somewhere in redmine.
Themes you can edit by LMB+click and lock its position, after click on top frame. - Jan 27 2014
Thank you done - Oct 03 2013
Clik on right side of theme and check path in Konqueror :) - Feb 15 2012
I see it is in 'ech' so it put only information no output of konsole, bat it seems in linux it also is no problem in ordinary path to command ( perhaps ) - Jan 16 2012
- " a reference to 'iproute2'" Yes I made mix of them. ifconfig is from package net-tools and ip from iproute2 ( it seems to be two different replacements for control networking in linux ) Go on web pages providers and... I fink it is posibile to use one of tchem. ( I am not a code writer I am user with strong dysleksy. Which is more funny I'm myself :) - Jan 16 2012
You can also replace a section
# xxx

by copy it from Single tcheme and paste in Big(x) one. Themes in superkaramba dont have include/insertion directive from file or another theme or I not have knowledge.. - Jan 16 2012
- "wlan0 but I don't have one since this is a desktop on eth0 only". Click on top frame and Find / Replace all wlan0 for your interface or use kfilereplace and in /.kde(x)/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/EasyMonitor chande it in all themes. - Jan 16 2012
if command is used very often is battery to use siplest way to to rduce time and don not monitoring the monitor - Jan 03 2012
Beter change in theme, left system in pace :) Twice clik on top frame of it and simply change the patch to command or for "if [ -x /sbin/ifconfig ]; then /sbin/ifconfig; fi ; if [ -x /usr/sbin/iwconfi ]; then /usr/sbin/iwconfig; fi". For Suse or any other find samfing by linuxing into deep water of internet :) - Jan 03 2012
I figure out that the script "" is very old and bad. So it have to look
if [ -x /usr/bin/scanimage ] ;
tmpscanfile=`date +%F`_tmp_scan
scanimage --mode $1 -l $2 -t $3 -x $4 -y $5 --resolution $6 --format pnm >$TMPDIR/$tmpscanfile

kim_convert $7 $TMPDIR/$tmpscanfile
kview $TMPDIR/$tmpscanfile.$7

rm $TMPDIR/$tmpscanfile
rm $TMPDIR/$tmpscanfile.$7

kdialog --title "Error" --msgbox "You have to install sane-utils and kim 'sudo apt-get install sane-utils or yast2 --update sane-backends'"

# Ubuntu apt-get
if [ -x /sbin/apt-get ] ;
konsole -e sudo apt-get install sane-utils kim

# Suse yast2
if [ -x /sbin/yast2 ] ;
kdesu -c '/sbin/yast2 --update sane-backends kim'


Now you can use all formats handled by kim. - Mar 28 2009
1) PL Najpierw, by sprawdzić co zawodzi. Spróbuj z linii komend uruchomić polecenie:
EN First to check what's wrong. Type the following command in a terminal:

"superkaramba $HOME/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/69401-EasyMonitor/themes/EasyMonitor_Scan.theme"

2) PL Jeśli to nic Ci nie podpowie uruchom polecenie:
EN Next tray ran following command:

"sh $HOME/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/69401-EasyMonitor/themes/scripts/ color 0 0 215 297 150 pnm"

3) PL Sam skrypt "" może wyglądać np. tak:
EN a shell script "" can look like:

if [ -x /usr/bin/scanimage ] ;

scanimage --mode $1 -l $2 -t $3 -x $4 -y $5 --resolution $6 --format $7 >/tmp/`date +%F`_Skann.pnm
kim_convert jpg /tmp/`date +%F`_Skann.pnm

kview /tmp/`date +%F`_Skann.jpg

kdialog --title "Error" --msgbox "You have to install sane-utils 'sudo apt-get install sane-utils or yast2 --update sane-backends'"

if [ -x /sbin/apt-get ] ;
konsole -e sudo apt-get install sane-utils kim

if [ -x /sbin/yast2 ] ;
kdesu -c '/sbin/yast2 --update sane-backends kim'

exit 0

- Mar 24 2009
thanks for comment.
I haven't any graphics card with ATI GPU now. So if you like put hier in comment all changed contest of this theme, for people who have ATI.
Or send my email. Maybe is good idea to build two themes one for Ati another one for Nvidia cards. I add yor theme to EasyMonitor and
add you to authors as author of this theme.
- Mar 13 2009
You have to write right path where is mounted partition. There is two lines to change for monitor one partition. One for text and another for bar. It also can depend on version of ntfs-3g, superkaramba , distro.
On my system it works ok on NTFS. - Jul 13 2008
I am glad to read that my work is useful for you. Thank you - Dec 24 2007
If you install my monitor from Karamba.
Karamba put it $HOME/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/69401-EasyMonitor/EasyMonitor
and run from there .
Perhaps you are edit it in $HOME/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/EasyMonitor/
but ran from diffrent place.
I am thinking how to start install script from karamba before run my theme. - Dec 24 2007
"if I write h=720 is it the shape more high?" Yes but backround is png picture and karamba don't resize it.
You have to edit it in krita or gimp
- Dec 05 2007
Click twice on bottom frame then edit or design your own backround - Dec 04 2007
Run script or copy EasyMonitor directory manualy to $HOME/.kde/share/apps/superkaramba/themes/ - Dec 04 2007
Click twice on frame above theme to edit it. Then replace all "eth0" device name on your device name. - Dec 03 2007
Mihas if you have some time do it.
It's good idea but I have no time to
learn the C now. Perhaps in next year.
And I feel that I dont finish it yet.
I have some ideas but no time. - Nov 15 2007
# Easy Monitor #
# Author: Leszek Ostachowski #
# #
# Based on Crystal Monitor by Mihael Simonic #
# ( #
# Licence: GPL v2 #
################################################ - Nov 09 2007

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Dec 15 2015
Done - Dec 13 2015

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Dec 15 2015
Fixed - Dec 13 2015

Karamba & Superkaramba 8 comments

by n1ck
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Jun 29 2007
In ETH0.theme
is line
text x=90 y=40 sensor=program program="/home/nick/karmba/Eggbanjo/" fontsize=11 font="good times" interval=60000

no everybody is nick

$HOME/--||-- ? :) - Jul 01 2007

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Apr 29 2006
Realy nice !!!
I can observe this great screensaver by hours.
But cna you add Gamma coretion to
screen saver config panel pleass. I use usually
Gamma 0.6 in xorgconf so it's then
too dark, and I have to increase by hand every time. Thanks a lot! - Jun 18 2007
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9   Dec 31 2011

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Plasma 4 Extensions
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