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Alison Pitt
"Rings" Meters for Conky

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Oct 07 2009
Ah, I should have been clear in the description: it will only work in Conky 1.7.2 or later, with the Cairo option enabled. You can get a copy here:

If you still have trouble, let me know :) - Sep 28 2009
"Air" Clock for Conky

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Sep 27 2009
Thanks, TO...You caught that quick! - Sep 27 2009
Announcement Conky Package

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Aug 07 2009
Ah, yes, well spotted. I forgot to include it in the package. It's updated now! The wallpaper in the package is 1024x600, which fits my netbook, but if you want a different res, please see the website in the README file. - Aug 15 2009
Thanks for your suggestion! I particularly like the wireless icon...I'll have a play around with it and see what it looks like! - Aug 08 2009
Milky Future Minimal Emerald Theme

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Jun 20 2009
The font is Purisa, which comes standard with Ubuntu. - Aug 08 2009
The font is Route 3, which can be found on

Hope this helps! - Jun 20 2009
Shiki Minimal Match Emerald Theme

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Jun 19 2009
@bingyuan -- The pointer theme is oxy-white; left over from an install of KDE, which I promptly uninstalled!

@collymore -- The clock in the background is part of my Conky configuration. For more info, please see here:

Hope this helps! - Jul 05 2009