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gnome-cupertino -n (now stable version)

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Jul 01 2014
here is gtk3-widget-factory - Jul 16 2014
I think they needs SVGs or vector images as they've added support for retina screens. - Jul 16 2014
Sure, I can test whatever you want. You can install Gtk.3.12 in 14.04 using Gnome3 ppa adn test. - Jul 16 2014
I am using Ubuntu 14.10 - Jul 16 2014
Can we please have this work on Gtk3.12? - Jul 15 2014

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Aug 02 2017
Another gtk3 theme had same issue with gtk2 apps as faience. The develop fixed it somehow. Please checkout comments here - Nov 20 2012
GTK2 apps are not picking up the style completely. They still use orange as the selection color. - Nov 05 2012
1) I'm seeing orange as the active selection in Firefox and Synaptic is still orange even after restarting. GTK3 apps look fine.

2) The on - off text on switches is too small and hard to see sometimes. I think the switches themselves could have been a little bigger but that's just an opinion.

3) The active menu highlight in the unity panel looks odd when the menu is open. It doesn't depict an association between the menu and the menu button in the panel. It might work for GnomeShell as the menus have an explicit arrow there but it looks really bad in Unity. I think something like Ambiance would be better.

Screenshot: - Oct 29 2012
Awesome. I just installed it. Looks awesome. BTW where should I report bugs/feature requests? - Oct 29 2012
I've been waiting for this for soooo long. One question, does it support Unity? I mean the window control buttons in Unity panel - Oct 29 2012
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Aug 04 2013
The second fixed version fixes gtk2 apps too

Thanks! - Nov 18 2012

That fixed the Gtk3 apps but Gtk2 apps (Firefox, Synaptic) still sport the orange colour. - Nov 18 2012
Thanks! I'm dying to use this theme :) - Nov 17 2012
It happens with greybird also, not just your theme. Any idea? - Nov 17 2012
... and I did restart after applying the theme - Nov 17 2012
the screenshots look awesome but unfortunately I can't get it to work properly. I still get orange colors from ambiance. I've adwaita, unico and xfce theme engines installed

My Screenshot: - Nov 17 2012

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Oct 25 2012
Thanks for your work. Looks good.

The unity panel buttons are different from the metacity buttons. It causes a great inconsistency. - Oct 25 2012

GTK3 Themes 5 comments

by tiper
Score 58.0%
Sep 12 2012
Correct link: - Sep 14 2012
Nice. It would be really nice if you base it on the latest light-themes from Quantal and use the shade of white that is applied to Nautilus 3.6

Something like thi - Sep 13 2012
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
Hi. Any plans to fix for GTK 3.6? The theme is broken on Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal) - Aug 26 2012
I love the new white unity panel in Cupertino L Unity but it introduces an inconsistency with the rest of the apps. You see, with unity, the title bar and the panel should be themed in the similar way otherwise there is a huge prob. Now look at the screenshots, normal apps look awesome while as maximized apps look out of place because the transition from their toolbars to the title bar(panel) breaks because of different theming. Same is the case with FF. Nautilus with light toolbar looks a bit better though.
- May 22 2012
Great progress on the theme. Keep up the good work.

I've a couple of issues with Unity though.

1) The window control buttons are still not shipped in unity themes

Here is a link to unity buttons I'm using with your themes.

2) Why does the theme force a transparent panel in Unity? This completely nullifies the possibility of having a opaque panel. Unity provides users customization option to adjust the opacity of the panel so shipping an opaque panel with theme is the way to go; People who want transparency can have it by customizing unity.
Also this breaks the upcoming unity design (already in precise).

In unity,the panel should consistent with the title bar.
- Dec 21 2011
BTW, if you want I can help with packaging for a PPA or some other stuff - Dec 01 2011
Thank! This has the potential to become a really great theme. Please don't abandon the effort :)

Thank You very much!

and please take a look at Unico engine used by ambiance, elementary etc etc when you get time. - Dec 01 2011
Also the selected_bg_color is a bit too harsh on eyes. Why not use a lighter shade like this #4A90D9 - Nov 30 2011
Hi, nice work again!

Some things I noticed.

* Why separate theme for unity? Unity related CSS can easily live with the main theme without interfering with the rest of the look. I suggest you merge them.

* No unity panel buttons. This one is easy, just need to copy/symlink metacity button to a folder called unity on root. Check /usr/share/themes/ambiance/unity/ for example.

* Widgets look a bit odd especially the Gtk3 Switch. Elementary theme has a nice Switch widget.

* Nautilus sidebar is different from rest of the sidebars like marlin or gmailwatcher. I know nautilus sidebar is stupid and different colours on sidebar and toolbar don't look much good but I think the shade of blue used in other toolbars can look really good in nautilus too.

* Just a thought, why not base on elementary theme or Unico engine. Unico engine is so much superior to default gtk3 engine. You'll love it.

I'll try to accumulate some more feedback. - Nov 30 2011
I really like where this is header. It still needs a log of polish. Please, please keep up the great work!

Thanks! - Nov 29 2011
Adwaita-X dark/light

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May 06 2013
Nice theme! Unity panel integration please!. - May 23 2012

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Sep 13 2017
Extract this folder and put it on the root of the theme for unity panel buttons.

And for dark text on unity, I just used #fff and it worked. @dark_fg_color on @dark_bg_color was unreadable on unity panel. (unity.css) - Oct 04 2011
Great Theme. Works really well with Unity too except a couple of things.

1) Panel BG is dark and Text color is dark too. Unreadable.

2) Panel does not load proper window control buttons.

I've fixed both cases locally. Is there some sort of repo on LP or GitHub where I can submit the patch? - Oct 04 2011

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Sep 05 2011
Forgot the link, - Sep 12 2011
I've added some contributions to the theme. Mostly, nautilus/marlin sidebar color and unity panel bg color. A repo would make it much easier to send patches. - Sep 12 2011
Do we have a code repo? I would like to contribute some elements/unity integration. - Sep 01 2011
Wildcat - Arbeit Macbuntu

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Mar 25 2011
which icon set are you using? - Feb 18 2011
eGtk Leopard

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Nov 04 2010
Thanks a zillion times for smaller stuff. It looks much much better but scrollbars are still the same size. they are Huge. 50% of the size would be awesome. - Oct 27 2010
Mac style is awesome but unfortunately no one has been able to port it to linux properly. This is the best effort so far. A bit of advice.

1: Widgets need more polish. Some button behave really weird with text no properly adjusted.

2: Widgets need to be a little smaller. They are not too big but still not small enough.

3: Scrollbals need to be smaller. Like new elementary theme. Those scrollbars are just awesome. Just shrink your scrollbars to elementary size. They would look amazing. - Oct 25 2010
Divergence IV - "A New Hope"

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Nov 23 2010
I'm sorry. I filed it in wrong place..

It is a bug in Divergence III theme.

here is a shot - Oct 23 2010
Vertical toolbars don't respect color.

for example. the one in gmailwatcher - Oct 23 2010

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Nov 27 2009
Thanks for pointing it out.
Actually the theme depends on Aurora GTK engine. Try the theme after installing that. I've provided the link above. - Nov 27 2009

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Nov 09 2009
I like them on the right side. You can change if you like. - Nov 09 2009
You posted your comment on the wrong page. - Nov 09 2009

GTK3 Themes
by tiheum

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Oct 29 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

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Dec 23 2011
Score 76.9%
9   Nov 20 2012

GTK3 Themes
by tiheum

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9   Oct 29 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

Score 74.6%
9   Nov 30 2011
eGtk Leopard

GTK2 Themes
by Dolsilwa

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9   Oct 25 2010