Ok, it's strange, but before the shades were set to yes and weren't displayed, so I changed it to no, and now looks better and those characters on top are no longer. But there's still a problem of alignment, as you can see in the screenshot.


Again, nice work with the nerdy clock. - Feb 16 2009
I don't know if it is a bug or not, but it didn't work well. With the script the conky displayed repeated, like a black shadow behind every character; besides, some pizza fonts appeared on top, when the clock was on bottom, and the clock itself wasn't right either, some characters were on top of others, some on the side... it was a mess.
But the idea is really good. - Feb 15 2009

Wallpaper Other by alit 3 comments

i liked it, it's very clean. - Feb 09 2009
Elegant for Rent

GTK2 Themes by rent0n 18 comments

...and a metacity theme would complete it (just with recolouring other elegant theme). - Jan 19 2009

Wallpaper Other by rumpibul 2 comments

the ubuntu logo looks really out of place here. your other version, the "clean" one is a lot better - Dec 26 2008

Gimp Splashes by troseph 4 comments

besides that, it could be in a smaller size, like for a splash screen. - Dec 18 2008

Gimp Splashes by troseph 4 comments

I really do.
But the "GIMP" letters could be more like in a propaganda poster.

Is it the Adobe logo there among the chimneys? - Dec 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by mondzhu 10 comments

it's a great theme, but there's one thing I think it's not quite right, the menu button in metacity, it looks like a square around the button - Dec 14 2008
Elegant Brit Usplash

Usplash Themes by the8thstar 1 comment

some screenshot would be good to see how it is.... - Dec 02 2008

GTK2 Themes by LordNikon86 4 comments

too withe...

...my eyes still hurt - Nov 30 2008
Hunny LUX

GTK2 Themes by liquidgik 30 comments

the theme is really nice, but there's one thing that bugs me, which is the very low contrast of the white text over the progress bar. Other than that, the theme is great. - Nov 19 2008
iod Suite

GTK2 Themes by Scnd101 13 comments

How about a metacity theme for those of us who don't use emerald? - Nov 07 2008
Ghost Stories

GDM Themes by jphedre 2 comments

it's a good GDM theme, but the contrast in the texts is a little too low. - Nov 07 2008
Ghost Stories

GDM Themes by jphedre 2 comments

...but a bigger screenshot would be better. - Nov 06 2008

Metacity Themes by jmariani 1 comment

Jim Lee is GOD!!! - Oct 20 2008
A.I. CORE (Black)

GTK2 Themes by samphilomath 13 comments

but a metacity theme would be nice too... - Aug 27 2008

GTK2 Themes by abhisek1987 6 comments

cool theme.
by the way, what file manager is that? - Aug 26 2008
nautilus background gnome-foot

Various Gnome Stuff by dreadyman 5 comments

the url is not valid - May 03 2008

Conky by drxnele 25 comments

but it would be much nicer if it showed the current album cover. - Apr 15 2008
gtk2-engine-pixbuf (Patched)

GTK2 Themes by walmis 28 comments

I tried to install it, and it kept asking for dependancies, and dependancies for those dependancies, and so on, until something happened and some file got screwed, because nothing that was gtk would open (it was a libg...something, I don't remember the name).
Is there an easier way to do it? - Mar 26 2008
/home sweet /home

Wallpaper Other by fredbird67 3 comments

really funny... - Mar 23 2008
Project Blackwater

GTK2 Themes by fratrip 10 comments

cool theme.

by the way, what font is that on the menus? - Mar 16 2008
LED Binary Clock

Various Gnome Stuff by ziro 10 comments

nice clock, though is a little hard getting used to reading the time; but still it's fun.

It would be cool it had some options, like colours, position, and such. - Mar 07 2008
Black & Green

GTK2 Themes by lonerocker 10 comments

You can do it on synaptic:
find the package openoffice.org-style-hicontrast and install it.

Or you can do it on a terminal/console:
sudo aptitude install openoffice.org-style-hicontrast

Either way should work just fine. - Mar 07 2008
Shining Black

Full Icon Themes by murasame 26 comments

I found a computer icon in the devices folder, but it doesn't load. Is it a bug? - Mar 06 2008
Shining Black

Full Icon Themes by murasame 26 comments

sorry, didn't notice "my computer" already had an icon, but the thing is it doesn't change, it shows the icon image at /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/devices/gnome-fs-client.svg
why doesn't it change (it does with other themes) - Mar 06 2008
Black & Green

GTK2 Themes by lonerocker 10 comments

It's not actually a bug, it's a matter of color of the menu bar and a level of contrast. You'll have the same problem with other black or dark themes.
You need to install the hi-contrast icons for openoffice; they are in the repositories.

Over 1000 downloads!!!
Didn't expect so many when I made it. - Mar 06 2008
Shining Black

Full Icon Themes by murasame 26 comments

greta job, dude!
but stills misses some apps, like openoffice, synaptic, liferea, equipment (is it "equipment"? i odn't know the name in english, but what would come to be "My PC"), and others, but until now, it's an awesome work. - Mar 06 2008
Black & Green

GTK2 Themes by lonerocker 10 comments

thanks for your comment.
any critics and/or suggestions are welcome - Mar 03 2008
buuf for pidgin

Icon Sub-Sets by lubna 19 comments

could you work on an icon theme for status and notification icons too? that would be great and make the whole thing together. - Feb 24 2008

GTK2 Themes by retropixel 9 comments

Great theme.
What metacity theme is that? - Feb 12 2008
DarkWhite For Ubuntu (minimalistic Black

Wallpapers Ubuntu by onealdom 2 comments

Why is it for Ubuntu? - Feb 11 2008
Buuf Cursor

Cursors by bkudria 12 comments

thanks, that did the trick. - Feb 03 2008
Buuf Cursor

Cursors by bkudria 12 comments

ok, that would work on KDE...
And in Gnome? - Jan 31 2008
Buuf Cursor

Cursors by bkudria 12 comments

looks nice, but how to install it? - Jan 31 2008
XP Pro

GDM Themes by jmariani 1 comment

why would anyone want to have a ms image to log on a GNU/Linux system? - Dec 08 2007

GDM Themes by jmariani 6 comments

good theme, but, could you upload it somewhere else?
megaupload always says all ports are used. - Dec 04 2007
Silver panel

Various Gnome Stuff by lonerocker 2 comments

Thanks, glad you liked it.
I uploaded a screenshot of the whole desktop. - Nov 02 2007
Halloween Theme by Andre

Beryl/Emerald Themes by AndreR 6 comments

great background, but the high resolution page is not working. - Nov 02 2007
Ubuntu Laptop

Wallpapers Ubuntu by GdB 1 comment

the girl looks nice, but the picture as a whole.... not much. - Oct 27 2007

GTK2 Themes by dkaddict 3 comments

Awesome dark theme. Love the buttons.
Could you make a metacity and/or emerald theme? - Oct 25 2007