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Leo Sh Saint Ptersburg, Russian Federation
Bespin Izumrud

Be-Shell/Bespin by lonk 3 comments

Icon theme from Cloudcity (Bespin) project source, you can get it by command:
svn co

Panel - just usual plasma panel with icons :) - Mar 17 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by fpuelz 813 comments

Hello! Thank you, for plasmoid!

Could you add - the accessor for Saint-Petersburg buses (it is also used for Google maps)? :)

Unfortunately it is on Russian only (windows cp1251 encoding), but I can explain how to get departure board from one stop for one bus route.

1. this page shows all routes:

2. then chosing a bus route by clicking on link in first column of table or by selecting an item in combobox "Маршруты:" (routes) and clicking the button "Получить расписание" (get route board)
for example #94:

3. finaly choosing a bus stop,
for example "ГРАЖДАНСКИЙ ПР.":

a) on weekdays:
b) on weekend (sat & sun): - Feb 21 2010
thank you, i've added link - Dec 18 2007
Yes, you are right. I wanted to share its source, but i can't - it's quite big (5 MB). Now i'm loking for the host, where i can put it.

However, there is a link to source of the original theme on Gentoo-Wiki page (read above).
Probably, i'll put two config files, only which were changed there. (graphics not mine)
- Dec 05 2007
Aero AIO

Karamba & Superkaramba by AdrienV 342 comments

Could you fix encoding bugs in calendar and clock plugins.

My variant may be help for that:

line 50: unicode([0].upper() +[1:], 'utf-8')[0].upper() +[1:]lines 64-70: unicode(os.popen(command + fdate + " | grep -v " + str(year) + " | cut -c -2").read(), 'utf-8')insteados.popen(command + fdate + " | grep -v " + str(year) + " | cut -b -2").read()... and so on.In
line 152 same solution with time.strftime("%A %d %B\n%Y"). - Mar 08 2007
Dragon Eye

Bootsplash Various by lonk 2 comments

What's your disto? And have you installed bootsplash pack?
- Mar 03 2007
Truth for linux

GTK2 Themes by unforgivenII 78 comments

Very nice theme! But without these icons it looks less beautifully =( Please, could you send me your icon theme to
Pardon my English. - Jan 09 2007

by thomas12777

Mar 17 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by thomas12777

Mar 17 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by caig

9   Apr 04 2011

Yakuake Skins
by prostosuper

9   Mar 19 2011

Plasma Themes
by mcder

9   Mar 18 2011