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Paul Cook Mexico, Mexico
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Jun 29 2009
That shows what kind of mentality you have, so, that's an absurd discusion... so, whatever... be happy 'science-man'... - Jul 12 2009
Thanks for you comment, i'm glad to know that likes you...

the religious discussion is always a never ending history, the people always refuse to accept that god loves you, no matter who you are or what you do, he loves you...
if you are in disagreement with that, ok, just respects those who have these beliefs... - Jul 01 2009
or whatever... god loves you... - Jul 01 2009

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Nov 30 2008
Thanks for you comment, i'm glad to know you like it... - Dec 01 2008
yeah is too white, but this is the objetive... perhaps next time i'll do a darker variation... - Dec 01 2008