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Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

Various Gnome Stuff by qb89dragon 381 comments

I just downloaded this the other night, and it's seems to be functional in a proof-of-concept sort of way. It does need a lot of polishing and tweaking, but I can see this menu going pretty far. It is pretty good in it's infancy.

I do like the fact that it resembles the vista start menu (if used in accordance with the correct theme), but I know it can be a whole lot more. I honestly believe that if enough effort is put into it, we may some day see it as a replacement for the current, bland, boring, gnome-menu-bar. - Dec 11 2007

GDM Themes by tobain 114 comments

I downloaded this and it is truly a good looking login. However, it is incompatible with an XGL session. Any work around? as of now, the XGL is set as a login script. - Mar 30 2007