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Louis Mertl Munich, Germany
Clean Workspace

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Louis 2 comments


thanks a lot for your comment.
I will add another much better screenshot soon.
Now my todo area is a interactive space on my desktop.
Very practikal!!!

Greetings from Munich

Louis - Jan 15 2008
My Workspace

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Louis 2 comments

Thanx for your comment, you are right, its a very practical desktop.
Today I wrote a small app, which allows the user to change to another desktop and shows the new desktop-info and number on the screen.
What means, it does not have to be included on the wallpaper anymore.
I will post a screenshot soon:-)


Louis - Jan 09 2008
Another XGL/Compiz screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by leandro 6 comments

Hi, thanks a lot for your quick return:-))
I installed the rpm`s.
But if I change to another win-decoration I dont see any change immediately.
At the next login, sometimes the decoration changes.
Anyway XGL/Compiz rules!!!!

Many greetings

Louis - Jul 10 2006
Another XGL/Compiz screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by leandro 6 comments

Hi, I like your desktop.
I also use Suse 10.1/XGL/Compiz but I dont now how to change the window-decoration.
If you give me a hint, would be great.

Greetings Louis - Jul 09 2006
KDE 3.3 Question????

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Louis 4 comments

Thank you so much for your help!
It works but,if somebody has the same problem,you have to remove or rename the old .kdetest or whatever is your kde-directory first.
When you log in kde next time you have to change to another style(already with the wizzard!!!!!).
Everthing looks great after you do this trick.
I use plastik now.

I compilled Baghira, but after I changed to it the same strange thing happened.
So I want to figure out a way to use another style or window decoration without having those stupid "????!!!!!"
If anybody else has an idea,it would be great!!!!!
- Sep 13 2004
Windows XP Balls

Wallpapers Windows by nigor 5 comments

Very nice job:)
May be you could use some linux or kde
related pictures making your balls.
Would be very interesting!!!!
Did you use Blender?
Keep going!

- Oct 10 2003
XPish Konquisidebar

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by axeljaeger 31 comments

I have the same problem.
May be I am to stupid. If you know how
to make the changes without ending up with
a grey background would be very nice
of you to give me a little help.
Thanks:) - Sep 21 2003
ThinKeramik Colour Scheme & Settings

KDE 3 Color Schemes by flamy 5 comments

Finally I updated my thinkeramik and tried your setings.
Looks cool!!
I think it would be great if you put
a screenshot.
Thanx:) - Aug 20 2003
KDE imagine/destiny all res&no konsole v

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by flamy 3 comments

Thanks for doing the different resolutions.
Now I am using the 1280X1024 original
with the blue konsole.
I like it very much!
Looks very cool. - Aug 20 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Louis 3 comments

Thanks a lot for your quick comment!
That is also my opinion but I was to tired last night to make the update.
But I will do it now:)
If I have time I will create my own Tux-icons for the splash.
Here comes my update but I will still work on it.
Thanks again for your helpful comment:) - Aug 20 2003
Tux Green Bubbles

Wallpaper Other by Louis 2 comments

Thanks for your comments:)
I am happy that you like it.
I now, it is not perfect yet, but I am still working on it and also on a splashscreen.

Greetings from munich! - Aug 18 2003
Tux Bubble Flight

Wallpaper Other by Louis 2 comments

Thanks for your comment, I hope you have fun with my wallpaper! - Aug 17 2003
prop's window

Wallpaper Other by propellerhead 1 comment

Was realy the best choice, that you start with Linux now.
But you should put a screenshot!
And anyway there is nothing to download
or the file is broken.
Please figure out:)
Have fun with your new experience!

P.S.: How is the Mandrake beta( if you have time write me an e-mail.My favorite Mandrake is 9.0)
- Aug 17 2003
Angry Dragon

Wallpaper Other by Louis 3 comments

My wallpaper is not a Yu-Gi-Oh card.
I modified the "petit dragon" with Gimp, because
my kids like that dragon, and I made it also angry (fire).
If you want to see the original which
is very different I can send you an e-mail. - Aug 16 2003
Linux Aqua 2.Version

Wallpaper Other by Louis 3 comments

Why should it be a L or whatever letter?
Is the letter X not included in Linux
or Unix or Xfree etc. ?
I like the "X", may be because it is the
symbol of a cross. Why do we have to think about Mac if we see a "X"?
Are we not more openminded?
Should we not forget all of those
Does a nice green landscap with blue
sky and white clouds (or a full moon) mean Win XP ?
In my opinion it´s not good to go on with such a thinking.
If we think like this we allow others
that even a simple "X" is not free anymore for everybody.
So one of my "leitmotifs" now is to make the "X" free.
Freedom for X or Xfree.
I hope there will be a discussion about this!
- Aug 03 2003
Glowing Pink K

Wallpaper Other by Louis 2 comments

Thank` s for your comment!
When I did the upload I did not have so
much time, so I made just a quick screenshot.
I am testing some stuff, so my desktop did not look so great.:)
Now I put only a preview.
I hope that some people may like it better now. - Jul 27 2003

Wallpaper Other by Maui15 2 comments

I like the smooth blue color and the way
you put the "kde" logo!
Very nice!
It should not be necessary to ask for a
comment. It took your time to create the wallpaper and than post it for everybody, that`s "linux-thinking".
Lot`s of people just vote and we never
know why they vote bad or good, because they dont write any comments.
There is no way to learn anything.
Keep going with your work and linux-thinking!

Greetings from Munich

Louis - Jul 26 2003