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GTK2 Themes 41 comments

by lyrae
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Mar 21 2008
thx i downloaded it and thats what i needed, but still i cant see BlackWhite in the theme list in gtk-chtheme, how can i install it manualy?? - Mar 13 2008
im using fluxbox and i installed the theme, but as u can see in the SS i cant load the theme for the windows, scrolling bars, etc... take a look can i fix this?
2.u said i need to use with gtk2, i put it in the same folder but i dont think i made any diff... do i need any gtk2 theme manager as it shows in your SS? where can i download it.. cant find in my repo - Mar 13 2008
i cant fully install this... after i install the theme i click customize and the controls are ok, but window border wont show BlackWhite...

my panel bar is not showing it right too and when i right click or click any menu it doesnt show it as it should... help plz - Mar 12 2008