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Various Gnome Stuff 12 comments

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Nov 27 2010
Well yeah, dockbarx and windows applets ARE software, but is software to modifiy/tweak/personalize the user interface of any distribution with the gnome desktop, so there is a reason why dockbarx and windows applets are here.

So, why this software is posted here?

And what is the difference between this ppa manager and the one in the software sources in debian/ubuntu, the one in ubuntu tweak, the one in ailurus and the countless scripts? what is the "killer feature"?

Just sayin' You guys are trying to make easy something that alerady is - Nov 28 2010
Gnominus SVG

Full Icon Themes 83 comments

by mtax
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Jun 16 2010
Ok ok, so you didn't answer my question.

If you dont want to share something with the communities, DO NOT post it here.

So the icon theme is for some special Fedora users, that's okay (I use fedora on a SMB server), POST IT ON A FEDORA FORUM, not here.

So you don't like all the *buntu artwork, that's okay too, but THERE IS NO NEED TO INSULT OTHER LINUX USERS

At the end you're just a little toad sucker, who's desperate for some attention, and whom really doesn't know a sh*t about the four basic rules of the GPL (core and soul of the Fedora project FYI) - Jun 16 2010
so if you dont want to share it here, why post it here?

what about archlinux users? open suse, gentoo, debian, even slackware users who like to use this theme? just because you're mad at the ubuntu community?

How about freedom of choice? very nice for a fedora user, dickhead.

BTW I dont use Ubuntu either - Jun 16 2010
Change "The Second Renaissance"

Full Icon Themes 27 comments

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Jul 03 2011
It gets stuck when i try to update:

2009-10-26 20:30:02 (11.4 KB/s) - `start-layer0.png' saved [44974/44974]

It gets stuck there and nothing happens, then when i use the app it gots a lot of missing icons.

If there is a way to get all the iconset in a tar.gz package? - Oct 26 2009
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes 19 comments

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Dec 08 2009
definitely is one of the best GTK themes i've seen in a while.

Keep the good work - Oct 22 2009
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Mar 08 2009
Thank you very much! - Feb 27 2009
Configure Hydroxygen

Icon Sub-Sets 41 comments

by syco
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Mar 12 2009
This kind of stuff must be packaged in some distros as default.

BTW, any chance to get it working in fedora, OpenSuse or Arch?? - Feb 11 2009

Full Icon Themes 176 comments

by sora
Score 76.5%
Oct 25 2009
great icon theme, congrats.

I've been making a Dust based theme myself. But I have not had time to finish it, I hope i it could publish it here the following week, because this icon theme just works! - Sep 07 2008

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 27 2008
they're circle sensors screenlets - Aug 20 2008
Oxygen Blend

GTK2 Themes
by dabutorac

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Oct 22 2009
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9   Dec 03 2010