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Lucian Branescu

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Mar 31 2011
It worked now, with wget.

Did you replace the package? While it would be possible to get errors because of my ISP, I find it unlikely that two browsers would get the exact same corruption (since the two corrupted files had the same md5). - Mar 05 2010
md5sum is 224c494bb67c86e671d32bff266aa593 for both files from Qt4-apps and Google code. I downloaded each several times.

It may also be worth to mention that the file gets downloaded instantly, the whole 19MB.

I've also tried clementine 0.2 beta from google code, I also get "codec overrun" (checksum failed) and the md5sum is 54ba80322a07dacb0d00f59754bcbc17. If I mount it ignoring the checksum error, it also fails when I copy it out of the image.

I've also tried downloading the files with Firefox (I was using Chrome), but I got the same results. - Mar 02 2010
The OS X package seems to be corrupted. I've downloaded it several times and it fails the checksum. I've tried ignoring that, but it fails at copying out of the .dmg

Great work btw! Amarok 2 is way too dependency heavy on OS X, a Qt-only player would be perfect. - Mar 02 2010

Audio Apps
by davidsansome

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Mar 03 2010