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Ivan Roquentin
Mount Fuji

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 3 comments

Can you please, at least, try a "googling" to see who is Maciej Toporowicz? You will probably admit that the title of the photo should not be intended as referring to the "real" Mount Fuji, and that, of course, this is not pornography...
I think that nobody will say anything, but I can be wrong, of course. - Jul 28 2005
The visitor

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 6 comments

Just to avoid any misundestanding: you can obviously use it for your own splashscreen, on your pc, I mean; if you want to include it in a distro, I suppose you have to put the credits to the author (I just asked to know, anyway); If you want to upload somewhere else, I suppose you have also to put the credits and a link to the author (it would be nice).
As I told you, anyway, I just asked: be patient, I'll be sure of anything by tomorrow. - Jul 23 2005
The visitor

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 6 comments

Thank you for the advice. The only update, probably, was that I forgot to put the screnshot (I'm a new member) and I did it later (I noticed that the box for updates is always signed, but lately).

"Are higher resolutions possible? I bought a TFT lately and since then, 1024x768 got a little too small to be of any use ;-)
And I like the look of this photo here!"

Well, I can specifically ask for this photo, but in general we (I speak for the ludos group) are posting the imgaes from a flickr group where I explained which should be the standart resolution and, personally, my preferred resolution (personally=for kde-look; obviously, 1600x1200). - Jul 22 2005
The visitor

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 6 comments

Just wait, please, I will ask to the author, who is a well known artist - Jul 22 2005
Kurt Cobain

Wallpaper Other by Ludos 6 comments

I really think that you missed the sense of the image. If I show a monster (just to say), I'm not encouraging anybody to become a monster himself!

Above all, Maciej is "quite" a famous artist, have a look at his stream on flickr, and decide by yourself: - Jul 22 2005