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Lukas ThyWalls , Spain

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Jul 09 2012
Well, now is happening again. Something strange... - Jul 13 2013
Now, this isn't happen anymore. I hope it's fixed with some KDE update. - Jul 13 2013

Since i updated to Kubuntu 13.04 and using KGmailNotifier 0.5.2 (installed via Muon Package Manager) I have this window when checks the first time since i started KGmailNotifier (in spanish)

You are about to log in to the site "" with the username "*****", but this website doesn't need authentication. It is possible that this is an attempt to deceive.

Is "" the site that you want to visit?

In the past, i don't see this window, What is producing this? - Jun 23 2013
Steam Companion

Plasma 4 Extensions 7 comments

by gcala
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Feb 09 2012
When i rebooted, the plasmoid had the changes. It's good to know.

I like a tab with specials because it's a fast view of all discounts, and i think is much useful, and now i have to go down, down, down... I try to use Web Slice Plasmoid to view only steam' specials, but didn't work.

Your plasmoid is more complete (obviously) but i don't know what possibilities have you extracting the information from steam website, and what can you do with formatting (Separate information, change font size, etc.) these kinds of personalization are more attractive than a plain page with all the information.

My problem with games tab is because my game list is private, and it's the reason why with SteamID or not i cannot use this. Some others community options would be great, instead. - Feb 10 2012
I downloaded the file and make a build, but i don't see anything new.. i don't know why.

I want to explain me:
- I think if i haven't set my steam id in options, "my games" tab could be hidden. Or not, it's your choice.
- Spotlight, Weekends deal or today deal could be in differnet tabs (or not). But i think specials list must be in different tab, it would be useful!.
- A vertical scrollbar (any kind of it) it's more easy to use than drag the back of plamoid up or down (This isn't bad... but...).
- Default tab view: If we have two or more tabs, if i want to set the default tab to view when i open the computer, not always the "spotlight" tab. (In my case, a supposed "special" tab)

And in addition:
- An option to set font size, at least.

Thanks to hear me, and sorry for my english! - Feb 10 2012
Great Job, simply but useful plasmoid for steam users

Some things (i think) would be great: Specials list in another tab, hide games tab without steam id, vertical scrollbar, default tab view...

Thanks for your work! - Feb 07 2012
QuickAccess for KDE SC 4.5+

Plasma 4 Extensions 35 comments

by janet
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Jul 29 2011
in 4.7.x

What a shame... i like it very much :/ - Feb 07 2012