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Plasma 4 Extensions 66 comments

by bizzl
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Jul 23 2010
I think that the plasmoid could/should function as a desktop folder link does, and its own directory (maybe called "Unorganized" or "Unclassified" that sits in the Home Folder) for downloads and program exports. That would take out a step or two, and the Magic Folder is meant to do just that. This would take it further. Thank you for the time and effort you put in. - Mar 26 2010
I like the idea and most of the execution, but I'd love it with a couple additions: one would be an option to put text below the folder (user-customizable or something like "Magic Folder" so that it looks like a normal thunderbird folder, but in green!

The other thing I'd like is an option for "all else" as a preset. If you could do that, I would be delighted! Your plasmoid is otherwise greatly appreciated.

A crucial part to any (bad organizer's) desktop! Thank you!

From, - Mar 26 2010