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Luca Sangemi

GTK2 Themes by w-Tarchalski 44 comments

Hi , good work! i think your theme is great for usability and elegance (only clearlooks is comparable).
Only a trouble: the look of the lines under the toolbars... example:

why are they white? is it possible to fix the problem?

thank you
- Apr 23 2005

GTK2 Themes by silenteef 8 comments

The problem was eog 2.8.0 ... now i've upgraded it and all is working fine.
Thanks! - Feb 21 2005

GTK2 Themes by silenteef 8 comments

Hallo, my problem is that EOG crashes when i open an image , with gX theme . Changing GTK-2 theme, eog works fine.
I got EOG 2.8.0-3 ; i would use gX theme, because imho it's great, in a special way with a red wallpaper (it's so redhat-stylish...). But i would also view images.

Have you ever seen this behaviour ? How can i fix it?

Luca - Feb 15 2005