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Claudio Veiga , Argentina
TuneIn Radio

VLC Internet Channels by diegofn 70 comments

Thank you so much! - Nov 04 2014
Starship, a QtCurve style

QtCurve by DBrannan 1 comment

I like dark themes, but the ones I tried were kind of 'incomplete'. Some apps and some mails did not show up correctly (always some color of text is 'invisible'). This one works great (just little problems with some color text in some html mails, but workable around).
Thank you a lot ! - Aug 23 2014
Dolphin Folder Color

Dolphin Service Menus by audoban 47 comments

I was missing this feature.
Thanks, and best regards! - Mar 26 2014
Steam Time

Plasma 4 Extensions by niceway 10 comments

Thanks!!! - Aug 22 2013
JapanAir for Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by NanoPC 1 comment

Beautiful !!! - Dec 19 2010
Ubuntu Kids

Wallpapers Ubuntu by bigwolf 2 comments

It immediately reminds the kind of toys a baby uses, or, let's say "a baby's environment".
Nice look! - May 25 2010
Prowler Menu

GnoMenu Skins by technoshaun 5 comments

I prefer it over Vista's usual layout cause (I think) it integrates better and clearer all the options available at-a-glance.
Congratulations! - Aug 04 2009
4 Fonts de Futurama

Fonts by PeTTi 12 comments

Very funny nbr.1: english speaking posters, doesn't bother to translate anything into other languages (you yourself worry about translations. If you have difficulties to understand, it's your problem!). Quite convenient.
Very funny nbr.2: spanish speaking people seems to have great difficulties to understand spanish itself! Please don't miss a stop or a preposition or whatever next time, or you'll get killed! ja, ja!
PS: NO, the way you wrote is NOT so bad! :-D
PS: people: GROW ! Take what you are offered to take, THANK!, and be more polite if possible! - Mar 09 2009

GTK2 Themes by visio159 15 comments

The whole work is very pleasant, but I especially like the icons.
Joking: Firefox's icon seems to be a zombie-fox (look their eyes! :-) ) and pidgin icon seems to be laying an egg ! They are very funny to me !
Thanks for this work, - Oct 06 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by pipertehc 2 comments

I think it's beautiful, but I couldn't download it cause I get the contents of the file on screen when clicking 'download'. I don't think it's my firefox cause most other downloads work.
Regards. - Sep 02 2008

Wallpaper Other by assalane 4 comments

Especially if it's your first work with Gimp ! - Aug 14 2008
Sun Festa

Icon Sub-Sets by joo 12 comments

Singular, indeed ! :-) - Jun 15 2008
simplicity MODDED new

Beryl/Emerald Themes by EDWARD0S 3 comments

Thank you ! - Apr 25 2008
TuneIn Radio

VLC Internet Channels
by diegofn

Nov 04 2014
Colorflow 25

Full Icon Themes
by ZMA

9   Jun 25 2015

Full Icon Themes
by ZMA

9   Jun 25 2015
Cafe Paris

Full Icon Themes
by ZMA

9   Jun 25 2015