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Lorenz Haas , Germany
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Developers Apps 13 comments

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Dec 15 2013
Hi, have a look at the homepage: Builds for 2.7.0 should also work for 2.7.2.

Best - Aug 17 2013
New version is already uploaded. Binary versions for Windows 32bit and Linux 64bit are also up.

Have fun! - Aug 03 2013
Ha, took some time, but now it is here with additional improvements ;-) - Feb 20 2011
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Cliparts 3 comments

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Dec 02 2006

the images are really nice, but can you also offer another picture where not the ring of the Kubuntu logo is centered. I think it would be better to center the logo as a whole.

Lykurg - Dec 04 2006

Education Apps 6 comments

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Nov 26 2004
Well, now it lives again! I had to do a lot of things, and then I yet study, if I am not siting for my computer. But I hope I can finish my new release in some month... - Mar 02 2006
the language support in the code is already there! And I will provide an english version of Kalodidaskalos in the next release. The main problems are the vocabulary files. Because I can't create a spanish-english file.
That's the reason, why at this time Kalodidaskalos is only available in german.
But I hope in two or three weeks, or at least past X-Mas, 0.5.1 will be out.

Lykurg - Nov 27 2004