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Amarok 1.x Scripts by ultramancool 46 comments

yes, is very annoying to get the lyrics translated, I have a spanish locale but I want them in the original language.

for the time begin I just untared the plugin and removed LyricsTime from the config.ini file. Which seems to work now :D - Nov 02 2008
Eyes of butterfly

Wallpaper Other by miguelnetto 2 comments

there's a without logo version? - Sep 11 2008

System Software by shozaemon 38 comments

for make it work in kubuntu, I had to move the files..



/usr/lib/kde3/ - Sep 11 2008

Wallpaper Other by dinobellani 1 comment

nice wall, needs higher resolution though - Sep 10 2008

Kbfx Startmenu by falco101 13 comments

great theme! how is the dark theme coming along? - Aug 05 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts by ultramancool 66 comments

I'm behind a proxy and googlyrics fails to connect to google, the proxy is configured correctly and I can search in google with konqueror.

the network where I am blocks all direct connections so there's no other way than through the proxy - May 21 2008

Utilities by gonebush 49 comments

I have problems compiling in kubuntu, ./configure works but make fails with the following message: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
See the Autoconf documentation. error: possibly undefined macro: AM_CONFIG_HEADER error: possibly undefined macro: AC_CHECK_COMPILERS error: possibly undefined macro: AC_ENABLE_SHARED error: possibly undefined macro: AC_ENABLE_STATIC error: possibly undefined macro: AM_KDE_WITH_NLS error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PATH_KDE error: possibly undefined macro: AC_CHECK_KDEMAXPATHLEN
make[1]: *** [configure] Error 1 - Apr 22 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts by ultramancool 51 comments

seems to work, and now I don't get random lyrics when the song's tags aren't complete (artist or album name) - Dec 13 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts by ultramancool 51 comments

installing the modules was a little tricky but worked, nice script

but I have a bug I suppose, with some songs it would use the last fetched lyric (of a prior reproduced song), using the update button doesn't help, and is always with the same songs, so is kind of odd, is with 3 songs so far but I didn't do much testing yet. - Dec 04 2007
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Icon Sub-Sets by lasshole 2 comments

nice concept - Jul 31 2007
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Dolphin Service Menus by Blavkaste 20 comments

me again, I found out that apparently images with spaces in its filenames fails the "already uploaded" check. From my ~/.image_shack file

'KEW7 design.gif'|
'KEW7 design.gif'|

I uploaded the last image without getting any warning. May it be because imageshack deletes the space on its urls? - Jul 15 2007
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Dolphin Service Menus by Blavkaste 20 comments

I see that images are uploaded anonymously, it is possible to upload images into your account for those that are registered on ImageShack? - Jul 15 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by timb 65 comments

I don't know If I have a problem with the encoding on my computer but I had to edit the .desktop file because it was displaying a weird symbol for those special characters like in "página" for the spanish translation

anyway nice stuff. - Jun 23 2007

Database by salvaste 42 comments

I saw the readme and there's no mention about how to compile it with cmake, i'm confused... - Apr 09 2007