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Amarok 2.x Scripts
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Amarok 2.x Scripts 14 comments

by m4x1m
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Jun 05 2015
Try to leave Port field blank and put the complete address in the Hostname field. - Sep 16 2015
SubRok is only an intermediary between Amarok and the Subsonic Server, I can't manipulate the streaming. - Sep 16 2015
Sorry but, on my Amarok (v2.8) the tracklist are correct. My sort order configuration is "Track Artist / Year - Album" and Amarok show me 1 2 3, not 1 10 - May 16 2015
I gave a look at musiccabinet, is based on version 4.7 of subsonic, so there should be no problem, it's weird.

To work well, SubRok is coded to use the latest set of API REST. From the Subsonic documentation:

Starting with version 1.8.0, the API provides methods for accessing the media collection organized according to ID3 tags, rather than file structure.

For instance, browsing through the collection using ID3 tags should use the getArtists, getArtist and getAlbum methods. To browse using file structure you would use getIndexes and getMusicDirectory.

My previously idea isn't good, because there isn't compatibility with previous API REST, since I used these calls to run the script.

I'm sorry. - Feb 01 2013
If is only a problem related to the version of REST protocol, I can add a dropdown menu in the configuration dialog where you can select the right version. What version uses musiccabinet? - Jan 31 2013
Boinc Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

by m4x1m
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Dec 07 2014
Sorry, I forgot!

The lines are in position 113 and 800. - Apr 13 2013
It's strange. There aren't ascii chars in this line.

self.settings["projects"] = str(gc.readEntry("projects", i18n("None")).toString())

Could you change this line with this below and test for me?

self.settings["projects"] = str(gc.readEntry("projects", i18n("None")).toString().toUtf8())

Thanks! - Apr 13 2013

If you manage to get news about this, will you do me a big favor, in the meantime, I'll add an elif as workaround! - Feb 26 2013
Ok. Then I'll add two "pidof" condition. But I don't understand why the first condition (check if BOINC is installed) is true in your system "which boinc". Sorry is just to understand! - Feb 26 2013
Are you sure?

Because, to check if BOINC is installed, the script call "which boinc" not "which boinc_client". - Feb 24 2013
Thanks! But perhaps to prevent recurrence of the problem for other distributions, I think it would be better to do it this way:

coreClientRuns = False
if coreClientInstalled == True:
+ if os.popen("pidof boinc") != "": coreClientRuns = True
- if os.popen("/etc/init.d/boinc-client status 2>/dev/null").read().find("running") != -1: coreClientRuns = True
- elif os.popen("systemctl status boinc 2>/dev/null").read().find("running") != -1: coreClientRuns = True

class BoundCaller(plasmascript.Applet):

If works for you I'll make this change in next release! - Feb 24 2013
Eh eh, is a little graphic change, nothing important - Jan 12 2013
It's important that the user who starts boinc-client is the same owner of the folder /var/lib/boinc

If you start boinc-client as user named boinc the correct value for username in configuration is "boinc" but the owner of /var/lib/boinc must be the same user - Nov 21 2012
Ok. In the previous commands replace boinc with thomas and in the file / etc / sudoers.d / boinc-client, boinc make sure to be replaced by thomas

The sudo command don't must ask you for password.

To get plasmoid that works well is necessary to copy the file boinc-monitor from the docs folder to the folder /etc/sudoers.d/ (need root privileges).

If your BOINC user is not "boinc", please edit the file and replace it with your BOINC username.

I think the problem is this! - Nov 21 2012
Sorry, I don't use icq, Skype?

The outputs are correct, however, is strange. but I notice that in a previous post your configuration was

BOINC folder path: / var / lib / boinc-client
BOINC user name: boinc

now I see 4915: "/ var / lib / boinc /" slots / 0

this thing gives me to think "boinc" or "boinc-client"?

about the system clock I do not think it is important to - Nov 21 2012

This are the two commands involved to get that info:

ps -o c,f,pid,pmem,cmd -u boinc | awk '$1 > 20 && $2 == 0 {print $0}'

you should get an output like this:
41 0 1358 1.1 ../../projects/

if no output, boinc and 20 are the variables taken from configuration, try to play with 20 maybe go down to 10

sudo -u boinc pwdx 1358

you should get an output like this:
1358: /var/lib/boinc-client/slots/0

1358 is the process id and is taken from previous command at third column

this two commands are the only way to get that info. - Nov 21 2012
Ok, we are approaching the solution!

Go here!722 and download the file, replace your old with this one and test it. If works I'll release a new version with the fix. - Nov 20 2012
Ok. If you use:

service boinc-client status

that includes checking for systemd the output should be similar:

* Status of BOINC core client: running
* Scheduling of BOINC core client: 974
pid 974's current scheduling policy: SCHED_OTHER
pid 974's current scheduling priority: 0
* OOM killer status for BOINC core client:
PID 974: adj 0
, score

If so, I'll add a second command to check if boinc is running and I'll post a new version. if not, I will invent something! - Nov 19 2012
The script uses this command to recognize if boinc is started or not...

/etc/init.d/boinc-client status

Please, launch the above command in terminal and post here the output. - Nov 19 2012

I think I managed to solve all.

Try and let me know.

PS. In my system (ubuntu 12.04.1) self.FontNormal.setPointSize() if I set to 24 the result is very large chars. I used Verdana font from ttf-mscorefont. - Oct 26 2012
I think I managed to solve all.

Try and let me know.

PS. In my system (ubuntu 12.04.1) self.FontNormal.setPointSize() if I set to 24 the result is very large chars. I used Verdana font from ttf-mscorefont. - Oct 26 2012
We have made some order.

The BOINC path/user can be edited in the plasmoid's settings, there is no need to edit the file to do this!

In /etc/sudoers.d I put that file to prevent that the plamsoid prompt for a password to access the path of the process. In my system, user and group are both boinc, in your system instead are boinc/users, then the BOINC user could already have access rights to the command "sudo -u boinc pwdx <pid>" but in others systems could stop.

The project folder is not used by the script, I'll take the list of projects from the client_state.xml file.

I've SETI@Home as a preferred project, it's strange that does not work for you.

At line 454 of
if (projectName[0] == self.settings["projects"]):

projectName[0] is the name of projects parsed from client_state.xml in a cycle.

self.settings["projects"] is the name of project choosen or the first find if settings.ini has not yet been created.

If this two variables are equal the script should print the correct info. - Oct 25 2012
Ok I think I understand. Probably the project configured in settings.ini no longer existed and the script crashed.

Uninstall the old and try the new version.

Let me know! - Oct 25 2012
Have you changed the preferred project options? How many projects you have?

Your BOINC preferences don't matter.

I need info, I only have one project and I couldn't test all.

The project that you selected has the username, credits and team name associated?

Probably you aren't in any team for this project, if so, this is a bug I fix it immediately. Thanks - Oct 24 2012