Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

How to reproduce:

1. visit
2. when the file loads 100%
3. open dolphin and go to /tmp folder
4. we can see cached flv file as FlashQSBCDH (or similar name) the flv file with smplayer/mplayer 1.0rc2
6. we can observe that after a few seconds the Audio Video synchronization goes out of sync.

7. using Fix audio/video sync in settings won't help as it does not allow "0" value

Expected behavior:
1. opening the same file with "-mc 0" parameters fixes the a/v sync problem.

thanks. - May 09 2009

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments


Mplayer has sync problem with video/audio with FLV (flash videos). I would be nice to have an option in smplayer's settings like "[x] -mc 0 (fixes flv playback)"
strangely, flv files do not get synced properly, especially which we download from
When we play a video downloaded from youtube as file.flv, then we can see that lips are moving out-of-sync with the voice of the person. please consider adding/informing "-mc 0" in smplayer settings. thanks. - May 07 2009

Plasma Themes by jamboarder 20 comments

is it a bug with plasma taskbar, that the task buttons are not vertically centered?

nice theme, please keep improving it. thank you so much. your efforts are good. - Apr 13 2009

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

1. Yes, I do mean gradients.

If you open dolphin, the places label is in gradient, which seems to be "pushable/clickable" and looks uneven with the whole style. As skulpture uses reverse gradient (like pushbuttons, menu, toolbuttons) which is more consistent. I'd like to "reduce" the gradient in places and titlebar.

Please see image the gradients have been encircled:

Especially in "About Dolphin", the area is for information not for clicking/dragging. so "gradient" looks odd there. Instead of gradients, light background would look nice. - Mar 28 2009

Application Styles by skulptor 369 comments

I really like Skulpture more than oxygen or any of the previous kde styles. It is indeed good on eyes.

I'd request you:

1. Please allow cutom 3d and disabling 3d effect for titlebar, "Places" labels (as in dolphin) or 3d effect for the label in "about KDE" dialog.

2. scroll bar background is not visible, i could not distinguish visually where the scroll button is, as scroll bar and scroll button seems "merged/camouflaged"

3. Distance between tabs should be reduced for better visual. could you please consider "configuration" for tabs sizes, space between tabs?

4. size configuration for radio button, check boxes should also be there, as they look a bit bigger.

5. tree expanders round is good, but i'm so used to square [+] shaped tree expanders, could you allow that?

one more way to improve appearance is to "show elements on hover" like hiding "tree expanders and lines, when the view is inactive (other window/view has focus)"

I love push buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, menus, etc. of skulpture.

only 3 things are not visually good to me, scrollbars, 3d effect of titlebar, about dialog (as in 3d effect in about kde dialog), and tabs spacing reducing 1 pixel will do. The horizontal and vertical space in inactive tabs is uneven.

thanks for skulpture, a nice style to look at always :) - Mar 27 2009
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

hi, Qt 4.5 is out, waiting eagerly for rekonq 0.0.4. Please try to bring in java runtime plugin support. thanks a lot. Happy coding :D - Mar 03 2009
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

using kde 4.2, rekonq 0.03 (compiled from source), qt 4.4 (kubuntu 8.10)

1. URL, is prefixed with $HOME

When I type say "" it is changed to "/home/rizvan/" and nothing happens.

but, when i type "" it works.

So, the problem seems to be with URL prefix (http:// is not prefixed instead $HOME is prefixed).

The above was not a problem with 0.02.

2. Text font Size is not respected:

When i change font sizes, the "Apply" button remains "Disabled/inactive"

default font sizes are small, perhaps, Qt or reKonq is not respecting "display DPI resolution" which is "120dpi" on my monitor.

thanks. - Feb 10 2009

Education Apps by JackYF 8 comments


in kubuntu 8.10, i installed nlkt. i choose "en" and start the training. but there are 2 problems:

1. weird text like "pro pro pro pro pro~pro pro pro pro pro" or "ere\ere ere ere ere ere ere7ere ere" is coming before any "fortune" text. in other words, the first paragraph is not the fortune text but weird text.

2. Wordwrap missing, the text is invisible on the right hand side. invisible as in un-word-wrapped. the keys are highlighted but text is beyong the right margin. perhaps, it's due to my using 120dpi instead of 96dpi in display settings.

thanks. - Feb 06 2009
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

Hi, I have compiled reKonq with qt 4.5rc1, but still there's *no* flash and especially *no* Java applets with rekonq 0.0.2

though Arora 0.42, when compiled with qt 4.5rc1, works with "flash" but not java applets.

thanks. - Feb 06 2009
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

hi Adjam,

rekonq is incomplete without the plugins..

If you could make plugins work (flash, java), then rekonq really becomes the best webkit browser for Linux...

Please consider plugin support in 0.0.3..

thanks for creating rekonq.. :D - Jan 29 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by arminstraub 178 comments

Please port kio-locate to kde4 please.. really useful.. please consider porting to kde4.. good software/efforts should be there always :)

thanks. - Jan 16 2009
rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

really very nice browser, works well with most of the website where konqueror gives a trouble, like,, and other non-standard compliant sites.

really appreciate your efforts and keep up the good work. :) - Jan 02 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ivancukic 109 comments

my friend Mr. Lancelot :)

loved lancelot, the no click browsing is very nice. Have 2 requests:

1. Icon sizes - big+small = ugly

But one visually disturbing thing is the "Big icons" apart from small icons (as in the first screenshot. and it is difficult to distinguish "sub-menus" from "shortcuts"

Please allow (to enable/disable description) which could set the icon size, as, big+small icons are visually difficult to work with.

please also allow different/custom icon sizes for consistent looks. (like kicker of kde3 custom size but for icons)

2. Menu appearance - menu popup please not at the center of the screen.

could you please allow the menu to popup just like when we click on the lancelot icon, instead of at the center of the screen when alt+f5 is pressed.

Please click on lancelot icon and we can see the menu appears just above the icon,

Please press alt+f5 and we can see the menu appears in the middle of the screen, which is rather unexpected.

thanks so much for lancelot, it is very nice to have it. your efforts are worth the trouble. - Sep 11 2008

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

correction: Can send files to PHONE but can't receive on the PC. connection failure. pairing also dies. after sending the file, kbluetooth4 crashes. I'm using kde 4.1.0.

kbluetooth4(908)/kio (KDirLister) KDirLister::stop:
kbluetooth4(908)/kio (KDirListerCache) KDirListerCache::forgetDirs: KDirLister(0x82b6a48) item moved into cache: KUrl("trash:/")
kbluetooth4(908) Solid::Control::BluetoothInterface::createBluetoothRemoteDevice: UBI iam using: "/org/bluez/hci0/00:13:E0:0D:1A:56"
kbluetooth4(908) DeviceSel::slotRemoteDeviceFound: dev major class: "phone"
kbluetooth4(908) ObexSession::ObexSession: Konstruktor: "/org/openobex"
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotRemoteDeviceConnected: Connection to "00:13:E0:0D:1A:56" established
kbluetooth4(908) ObexSession::sessionCreated: session interface created for: "/org/openobex/session0"
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::obexSessionReady: is connected: true
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotFileSendStarted: file send started: "/home/rizvan/kdebluetooth4-0.1/AUTHORS" "AUTHORS"
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotFileSendStarted: size: 57
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotTransferProgress: Transfered: 57
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotTransferProgress: Progress: 100
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotFileSendFinished: Transfer completed
kbluetooth4(908) KBlueTray::slotRemoteDeviceDisconnected: Disconnected from "00:13:E0:0D:1A:56" lost
KCrash: crashing... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = kbluetooth4 path = <unknown> pid = 908
--------------- - Jul 30 2008

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

i'm eagerly waiting for the next version. can't send files to my phone. but i can receive files from phone to pc. with 0.1. - Jul 30 2008

Education Apps by JackYF 8 comments

bash-3.1$ fortune -n 200 -s -m '' | head
fortune: invalid option -- n
Usage: fortune [-afilosw] [-m pattern][ [#%] file/directory/all] - Jul 22 2008

Education Apps by serega 1 comment

I really wanted Visual Synonymous Dictionary. Thanks bro for a useful software!

mkdir -p ~/
tar -zxvf syno*.tar.gz
tar -zxvf wordnet30.1.tar.gz
cd synonym
cp bin/synonym $HOME

launch ~/synonym and choose wordnet, and have fun! - Jul 22 2008

Utilities by just-free-man 48 comments

Selecting any word anywhere, is causing much annoyance, like say we are entering a username in the web browser, and we double-click to edit it, the popup comes and *hampers* our work.

Just like that copying text from a web browser is being hinders by qstardict "selection" scan.

The solution (like wordweb pro), is to have ctrl+right-click to bring the popup, without even having a selection. or you can give windows_key+right_click to open the qstardict with the definition.

Alternately, Please do not popup the window just next to the selection but as a tooltip at the system tray (much like mdic or kopete) so that the work-flow is not disturbed.

We can have all options (current ones and my requested ones in settings)

1. ctrl/meta/shift/windowskey+click = no selection+open qstardict ( that is the user does not have to select the text but just need to right-click on the "word")

2. like MDic, please allow, application window, or popup or tooltip for definitions.

thanks :) - Jul 19 2008

Education Apps by JackYF 8 comments

bash-3.1$ fortune
Reality is just a convenient measure of complexity.
-- Alvy Ray Smith
bash-3.1$ fortune
Well, I would -- if they realized that we -- again if -- if we led them
back to that stalemate only because our retaliatory power, our seconds,
or strike at them after our first strike, would be so destructive they
they couldn't afford it, that would hold them off.
-- President Ronald Reagan, on the MX missile
Yes, I have english fortune installed, it's part of bsd-games packages (slackware 12.1)
usr/share/games/monop-cards.pck - Jul 18 2008

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

I Just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to you for such nice port. Not only does kbluetooth4 look good, but it also works nicely. thanks :) - Jul 15 2008

Network by tpatzig 84 comments

svn checkout svn:// ;

cd kbluetooth4;



make install; - Jul 13 2008

Education Apps by JackYF 8 comments

my locale in en (us english)
bash-3.1# locale
bash-3.1# fortune

If you like the fortune program, why not support it now with your
contribution of a pithy fortune, clean or obscene? We cannot continue
without your support. Less than 14% of all fortune users are
contributors. That means that 86% of you are getting a free ride. We
can't go on like this much longer. Federal cutbacks mean less money
for fortunes, and unless user contributions increase to make up the
difference, the fortune program will have to shut down between midnight
and 8 a.m. Don't let this happen. Mail your fortunes right now to
"fortune". Just type in your favorite pithy saying. Do it now before
you forget. Our target is 300 new fortunes by the end of the week.
Don't miss out. All fortunes will be acknowledged. If you contribute
30 fortunes or more, you will receive a free subscription to "The
Fortune Hunter", our monthly program guide. If you contribute 50 or
more, you will receive a free "Fortune Hunter" coffee mug ....
fortune is woking fine. sorry for the late reply. was out. - Jul 13 2008

Utilities by just-free-man 48 comments

I love it.. really useful program :) - Jul 05 2008

Education Apps by JackYF 8 comments


I have compiled and install nlkt in slackware 12.1.

I have fortune installed, but nlkt is not taking English fortune for testing.

Please also add an option to open "Text" files for practicing.

thank you nlkt is very nice. but only problem is that mistakes should be ignored not forced to stop the training. - Jun 16 2008
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

when the user enters any number in the search field, please show numbers beside the favorite items..

this will allow proper visual feedback and information to the user.


when the user enter say 1 or hovers the mouse pointer over a favorite item.. just like "X"

konqueor 1
help 2
konsole 3 - Oct 13 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Menu Shortcuts for "Second Column":

Just like we use "Alt+<character>" to access a menu item..

I request a "Ctrl+<character>" to access submenus.

For example, frugalware 0.7 has:

1. Development
2. Games
3. Internet
4. Multimedia
5. Office
6. Settings
7. System
8. Utilities
9. Wine
10. Lost and Found
11. Control Center

Here we can speed up submenu access using Control key + First Character of the menu text..

To access Multimedia submenu, just Press Ctrl+M and Multimedia is highlighted and activated.

if we want to access System submenu, we can press Ctrl+S and Ctrl+S (2 times for cycling between settings and system menus)

so, please consider ctrl+<first_char_of_submenu> for quicker and efficient access to submenus.

After the submenu is activated please allow menu items to be selected by using the "first character" of menu item (as we cannot type into the search field when we are in a submenu) allowing very quick access.

Pressing "esc" should switch the focus to Search field.

And Pressing ESC key two times should collapse tasty menu.

Those are my 2 indian spices for a more tasty menu :-)

Thanks and good luck. - Oct 13 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Thank you for Tasty menu.. and I have a request which can improve tastymenu usability and execution speed a lot using numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...100) for menu items:

Let's say we have 10 items in the "Favorites" menu:

1. konqueror
2. help
3. konsole
4. kcalc
5. kwrite
6. amarok
7. smplayer
8. Openoffice writer
9. kpdf
10. firefox

Now the user has to click on the item to execute it.. we can make it faster by "Associating" favorites' items to numbers..

just press 9, which should filter out "kpdf" and let the user press enter to execute kpdf.

to access firefox, the user can enter 10,
and when he enters 1 he is shown konqueror, and 10 he is shown firefox.

using numbers saves a lot of typing..

Please allow numbers in the "Search" to execute the favorite items.

Thanks. - Oct 13 2007

Office Apps by atlanter 36 comments

Here's the web page for rudenko bookreader.

You can run it with wine also. - Jun 27 2007

Office Apps by atlanter 36 comments

Dear Atlanter,

I thank you for ebook reader. It's a good and much required application for Unix/Linux. Many thanks for creating and maintaining.

Have you seen Rudenko Bookreader, which is also very very nice bookreader, but it is a Windows Only App.

Please consider Rudenko Bookreader interface for betterment your bookreader.

I like your bookreader, and I have a few feature requests for your consideration:

1. Single Page Layout also (in options):
Reason is to have single view, because
two panels/pages distract while reading.

2. Page Background, Text foreground color selections in options.

3. Color Themes:
predefined color schemes which are comfortable and soothing for the eyes. You know that heavy reading could tire the eyes very much.

4. Unicode (utf-8) encoding as default:
utf-8 as default because, unicode supports all text encodings. Loading any document will be rendered properly. Let the user change encoding if required in the options.

5. Zoom in, Zoom out </p> - Jun 27 2007

Network by George666 199 comments

Thanks for this release, 2.1.4 was abusing cpu at 13%

with 2.2beta1 it is around 0.5 to 1.5 cpu usage. which is good.

whereas utorrent 1.6.1 (used with wine) only uses 0.5 cpu.

also crashes disappeared with 2.2beta1. thanks.

and the new interface is much better. though i still don't like the "sidebar" like "Groups" button.. is there any way to hide "Groups" on the left side?

thank you for ktorrent ;) - May 27 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

yes, i also miss the G, Y, keys to "fix" subtitles delay.. which is a lot better than X and Z keys.

thanks rvm :) - May 08 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Please have "Keyboard Shortcut Themes," just like you have for "icons." I'm showing an example using "fullscreen" in shortcut themes.

Windows Theme:
Fullscreen -> Alt+Enter

Mplayer Theme:
Fullscreen -> 'F' key

KDE Theme:
Fullscreen -> ctrl+shift+f

Fullscreen -> F11 (like konqueror)

Fullscreen -> 'ESC'key - Apr 29 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

unlike other videos .avi, mpg, mp3, or even dvd://1 (dvd tracks)

VCD slider does not move to the "point of click" where we clicked it. but the slider behaves erratically.

btw, i tried playing vcd in windows but it does not work. Perhaps MPlayer on windows does not play VCDs.

Please see MPUI.. i tried that also.. but you can confirm whether it plays vcds or not.

The good news is that DVDs are working great in Windows XP.

And another good news, i presume is that smplayer has almost reached "Release 1" level.

so smplayer 1.0 soon? :) - Apr 27 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

KMPlayer playlist is good. I compiled with Dock 1 and it's ok but not great.. we need to improve the look and usability of smplayer playlist.

BTW, VCD and DVD tracks are played beautifully, perfectly and correctly :) - Apr 27 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Have you seen "KMPlayer's" playlist? it is integrated into the window which makes it look nice.

smplayer's playlist is a different window (child widget). Which rather looks like gmplayer.

could you please consider making playlist "Part of SMPlayer window" somewhere like KMPlayer? - Apr 26 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

it plays vcd://1 (on fails) it plays vcd://2 but after vcd://2 is end-up playing it does not move to vcd://3..

it is okay to let "vcd://1" fail because some vcds has track 1 (i.e., vcd://1 working)

please create a vcd with atleast 5 tracks.. so that you can verify whether smplayer moves to the new track or not..

thank you :) - Apr 26 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Please see the sources of KMPlayer.. KMPlayer can play VCD perfectly. I hope KMPlayer plays Audio-CDs also, but I did not test that feature with it. Playlist is also populated properly.

You ought to see kmplayer sources for the betterment of SMPlayer.. please!

VCD and ACD support will be very easy for u :)

thanks rvm! - Apr 26 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Please add vcd support.. i can play vcd using open->url vcd://1

but i can't use forward,, next buttons to move to vcd://2, vcd://3, vcd://4, vcd://5.

i have to manually use open->url "vcd://5" to play fifth file in the vcd..

i could play 1-10 with this:

"for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10; do mplayer vcd://$i; done"


coding hint: - Apr 26 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

buddy.. rvm is not having a group of testers for that.. and we are using his good work.. we ought to provide "testing services" and "useful feedback"

SVN would be too complicated for newbies..

with the Numbers part.. I think smplayer should increase numbers in the second digit more.. like
0.3.5, then
every 5 numbers or so.. cause it is pretty damn stable..

I have got no crash ever with smplayer! and this makes smplayer 'RC' status instead of "alpha" or "beta" who would crash frequently.. - Apr 24 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

yes!!!! it works.. You are too good.. thanks.. i love smplayer even more.. thanks :) - Apr 24 2007

Network by George666 199 comments

Thanks George for updating.. I was wondering what's causing the crashes. I thought that it is crashing because I am have a long queue of torrents.

I appreciate your quick and keen observation :) Thank you. - Apr 24 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

icons are missing when compiled with KDE_SUPPORT=1

I love the "KDE file open dialog" which allows kio:/ features.. like locate:/ etc..

the icons are not loaded into smplayer with KDE support.. and kde icons folder is "default" not "hicolor"

please see how we can make icons load properly with KDE_SUPPORT..

Thank you for your continous and efficient coding :) - Apr 24 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Since SMPlayer is the best video player..

1. It should support VCD.. mplayer vcd://1 (vcd://2, vcd://3... for next tracks)

2. Allow to "show/hide the seeking buttons"

[x] Short Jump
[ ] Medium Jump
[x] Long Jump

a checkbox option would be helpful in the "Seeking" box in the "Interface" settings.

I want show/hide jump buttons because they somehow look unnecessary to me for I can use LEFT, RIGHT, PGUP, PGDN to jump.. and hiding the jump buttons would mkae the interface look a bit more neat.

thanks.. I really appreciate your efforts :) - Apr 20 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Float Control Widget.. in smplayer 0.3.31 is just awesome.. it looks very pretty and removes the annoyance of "resized video." thanks rvm.. - Apr 20 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

Please don't resize the video when the controls are shown..

because the sudden change of size in the video is visually annoying..

we can set "Resize Video on Controls Display in fullscreen [X]" option..

thanks :) - Apr 08 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

There are .vob extracted subtitles i.e., vob->.idx+.sub which are not getting loaded with smplayer. and also I can't use custom font with it.. but I could use mplayer to play the file..

mplayer -sub jadewarrior-profile.sub -slang en jadewarrior-profile.avi - Apr 06 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

rvm, friend, you have indeed improved implayer.. the remember "equalizer settings" is a wonderful feature. I needed that especially, when i mess up the brightness, contrast, gamma, it would be a painful exercise to reset the equalizer settings..

Many thanks.. My good wishes to you and please go go go.. SMPlayer will rock :) - Apr 05 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

save current settings as default.. and "playing using smplayer default and user default.." options would really help. - Apr 01 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

my bad, i think that "Remember Settings" caused SMPlayer to disable the subtitles loading for new files also..

fixed it.. by unchecking the option. thanks :) - Mar 24 2007

Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

SMPlayer should load subtitles when they are present instead of disabling them.

smplayer "Disabled" subtitles for new Video files.. which is unexpected behavior.

on the contrary, SMPlayer should load the subs (.srt, .sub) when a "new file.avi" and "new" are in the same directory.

It would save me "right-click->subtitles->load->"New"

Thanks. - Mar 23 2007