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David Nadasi
BPM Detect

Audio Apps by d4r3b4k 10 comments

I've installed taglib fot ubuntu (libtaglib2.0-cil) but when I type scons, I've got this:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Checking for pkg-config : /usr/bin/pkg-config version 0.22
Checking for qt : found in /usr
Checking for uic : found as /usr/bin/uic
Checking for moc : found as /usr/bin/moc
Checking for the qt includes : found in /usr/include/qt3/
Checking for kde-config : found /usr/bin/kde-config
Checking for kde version : 3.5.8
Checking for the kde includes : NOT found
Checking for taglib (pkg-config) : not found
- Mar 29 2008
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers by comar961 272 comments

Very good job!

Which tag can I use in the XML script to say "Hello world!" ?

...And to show an picture? - Mar 25 2008