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Marius Engelbrecht Pretoria, South Africa
burnin love

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I Love it and Him. - Aug 12 2009
lake keowee

Nature by starwolf 1 comment

Beautiful. - Jul 23 2009
SR-71 Blackbird

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Careful ... there is a lot of porn at the site. - Jul 23 2009
The Cross

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Beautiful, love it. - Mar 28 2009

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I Love it. - Feb 14 2009
Light Fish

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I think it is beautiful. - Feb 04 2009

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If everyone stops downloading the spammers content maybe he will go away.... - Jan 31 2009

Nature by tasmaniandiablo 1 comment

I like it. - Sep 23 2008
Bible wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by szensz-siempre 7 comments

Amen Brother !!!!

I think it is awesome. - Sep 17 2008

Wallpaper Other by tasmaniandiablo 4 comments

Love the detail of the wings.

what camera do you use? - Sep 06 2008
cross in the evening

Wallpaper Other by astro-elli 5 comments

Wow, Great Picture.
Do you have more images of this cross?
Maybe one that shows the total cross.

- Aug 17 2008
Lava Glow

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Very Nice... - Jun 05 2008
nuoveXT Black

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These are awesome. I like them very much. Keep up the good work. - May 08 2008

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By all means, if you would like to post gallows then do so.

I decided to try a cross because of the fact that Jesus died on it for all mankind, giving us the gift of life and removing us from the curse.

Whether you want to accept the gift or not it is there. I know how I was before I opened my heart for Jesus to change me. Jesus killed no one, I agree that in the name of all "religion" millions were killed. I am however a follower of Jesus Christ not of a "religion". It is about a personal relationship with Him and not about the "doctrine of men".

Blessings. - May 04 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions
by Lechio

May 05 2009