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Nautilus Scripts
tinypic uploader

Nautilus Scripts 17 comments

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May 21 2010
Yes hello,

To install:
Download the script and save it to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/

Make sure the file is chmod u+x

To use:
Select files/folders, right click, scripts->tinypic
- May 05 2010
the login feature is a good idea that might warrant a fork.

it will do something like pop up and ask you for username/password before proceeding with the upload and storing the session cookie locally in the scripts directory as a hidden file, only bugging you for user/pass once the cookie expires.

thanks for the input! - Feb 09 2010
Awesome! - Dec 07 2009
thanks! - Dec 07 2009
well the idea was to have the output copy/paste-ready; timestamps and logs dont really seem relevant.

dont let this discourage you from modifying the script on your own though, if thats what you need it to do. - Apr 16 2009
awesome glad its working :) - Mar 11 2009
what kind of image is it - Dec 02 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 65 comments

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Aug 03 2005
link broken - Jul 25 2009

Full Icon Themes 25 comments

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Oct 07 2009
awesome! i love waiting and being spammed! - Apr 11 2009