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Enlightenment Themes by rpil 5 comments

I like the theme and will probably use it. Here are some suggestions:

1. Improve text contrast (e.g., black-on-black in Theme Settings is 100% unreadable.)

2. Similiarly, in the quick launcher area, in the default theme a running program has a green dot beside it, like Transmission when it's minimized-to-tray. In your theme, if there is a green dot then it's lost in the green background. I need to know what programs are running minimized-to-tray.

3. Like the movie, everything should be green-tinted, except pure black. For example, the thermometer should not be bright red on pure white but rather OrangeRed on MintCream. Don't forget the white text in title bars and elsewhere. It can be (and should be) a subtle tint. The flashed border for focused windows should be light green, not blue.

4. A green border around the whole window would help it hold together visually.

5. The mouse pointer needs to be pointier. Also, I don't recognize what it is.

6. I like a lot of the images. For folders, I think you should use an image of the files Agent Smith had on Neo, e.g.,:
(Side note: notice the "1" on the folder, standing for Neo being the One.)

7. I like the pills for window controls, but they could be improved in appearance. Maybe this: - Jan 11 2015

Enlightenment Themes
by rpil

9   Jan 11 2015