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Konstantin Pavlovsky Moscow, Russian Federation

Wallpaper Other by kgyt 2 comments

what happened with them ?:) - Jul 08 2007

Wallpaper Other by loefisch 3 comments

great idea! will put it on wallpaper at office! :) - May 20 2007

Email by tonypizza 42 comments

what do u mean tell "pop filtering"?
tell me more about it please

by the way with thunderbird i ofetn turn on "fetch only message headers" opetion when i use GPRS to get online. so this is not option that discused application can be proud of ;-)
- Mar 15 2007

Email by tonypizza 42 comments

heh. and i putted "good" mark because u use python :) - Mar 15 2007

Email by tonypizza 42 comments

at first.
e.g. Kmail can stay in tray and check emails. notify u and do all filtering fob for u including spam filters and so on.
u are just reinventing the wheel and email client itself according to ur last comment.
yeah u are cool , man! i will say thanx for that at least because u made software for linux because u didnt find the equivalent for win* soft.
but it seems it is a great event for u to receive new mail. :)))
i have email client opened all the time. it is notifing me with sound + tray icon.
on the other machine (office one) i have thunderbird (with no tray icon in linux , unfortunately, or i just didnt find the right extension) and it is enough for me to hear "beep" from inside of my computer. also i keep it at another workspace. and the fact that it is opened/working all the time doesnt influent on perfomance of whole system.
if u want to leave this notifier as notifier - give up developing. and leave it just notifier. or rename the application :) and add the same quantity of functions as Kmail/thunderbird/etc have :)
good luck:)
i hope u understood my idea - Mar 15 2007

Email by tonypizza 42 comments

hey. can u tell me the purpose of this software?
what for?
isnt it enough to check mailbox with email clients? Thunderbird, Kmail,etc?
i dont understand. only to develop ur development skills?
tell me - Mar 14 2007
Italia campione del mondo

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by breadfan 3 comments

perfetto! (perfect) - Jul 10 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by pirke 34 comments

COOL! i realy like it! it is different then standart icons.
and of course it is better then STUPIDSOFT WINDOWS icons (ico) :=)

LINUX FOREVER=) - May 19 2004