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Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

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Apr 29 2019
Awesome icon set again, thank you!!
Can you add some icons please :)
If you install Reborn OS you will notice many app icons are missing by default:
Arch Linux Kernel, Echomixer (even it is not opening), Envy24 control (also not opening), Extensions (new gnome app), FreeOffice PlanMaker, FreeOffice Presentations, FreeOffice Textmaker, Hardware local.., HDAJackRetask, HDSPconf, HDSP Mixer, Hwmixvolume, Pace, Reborn Updates and Maintenance (very good app), TLPUI, WPS2019, WPS pdf, WPS Presentations, WPS Spreadsheets, WPS Writer.
This new Reborn OS is really cool, like Antergos in past, this is new ARCH distro with 15 DE to install.. - Mar 28 2020
++++++++ The best! - May 02 2019
Suru Plus 25.2 Dark

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Mar 18 2019
+ - May 02 2019

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Jul 01 2020
- Oct 12 2018
There is one two icons missing for app that is installed by default on Antergos Gnome: "Document View", also icon for "Contacts". Please add them and thank you very, very much! This is still the best icon set! I switched from obsidian to delft because icons in nautilus for documents are much simpler and nicer. I would only say I am not fan of some icons from sidebar, like documents icon it is like outlined and other icons are filled and fat but that one is strange in compare to others, downloads icon is nice but also not balanced with others, it looks really filled, pictures icon looks strange (unrecognizable). If you can to work on these that would be awesome! Also whole icon set looks much better on dark theme because of shadow, so I am using dark theme but sometimes I think we need to use light adwaita default theme. You are the best! <3 - Oct 08 2018
The best! Even better than obsidian I think. - May 19 2018
Obsidian Icon Theme

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May 29 2020
Thank you so much they both working nice! WebTorrent app icon is missing. Really cool app, please add support for it - May 06 2018
Thanks for informing me, I noticed snap, flatpack and appimage format software using other way for icons. is there any easy way to replace those icons. In future everything will be trough those sendbox systems, but we still need nice icons. - Apr 30 2018
Hi madmaxms,
Just installed new Ubuntu 18.04 and noticed that two App icons are missing: Characters and Logs. - Apr 27 2018
Hi Madmax, can you check icon for Freeplane? I am using Antergos Gnome (Arch) linux and I installed Freeplane 1.6.12-1from repo but there is no obsidian icon for it :( Also just to report that Libre Office 6 don't show Calc and Math icons. - Jan 23 2018
Ahhh.. Thanks for advice! - Jan 14 2018
Hi Madmax, I just want to report that I am using now Antergos (Arch Linux) and I installed Gravit from Add/Remove software the only one Gravit that is there, but I don't see new icon on Gravit designer. - Jan 11 2018
Thanks I will check it, in the meanwhile I noticed on Ubuntu 17.10 Photos and Shotwell apps have identical look. - Nov 14 2017
Flat is better for mimetype icons. - Nov 14 2017
Awesome!! Thank you again sir! Only Gravit designer won't show updated icon, i tried to uninstall and to install it again, but doesn't help. - Nov 11 2017
Hi madmaxs, thank you for all updates I have 3 new requests for icons: "KDE connect" icon on ubuntu is missing, icon for "Backups" - gnome app and "Gravit designer" powerful app you can install it from ubuntu software.
Also gnome music app have same icon as rhythmbox so it's pain to recognize the one you want from dock :( - Nov 01 2017
Working! Thank you so much! I don't see only green icons to select.
Qtractor icon is missing I think and some of them like clementine and firefox, transmission have bugs like mask shape around is missing (leak). - May 16 2017
Thanks! - May 12 2017
It won't install it from discover, or over settings. - May 12 2017
I am using the latest KDE Neon stable. You are right I don't see it under /usr/share/icons but can't paste there because that is root folder. How to copy there?? - May 12 2017
OMG you are incredible! Thank you so much! You should notice ubuntu studio devs that you made all of this icons, because there are no icon set with these apps. Also KX studio!

I transited from gnome to kde neon and after I install this icon set I don't see it in my settings>icons. How to set this icon set?? - May 12 2017
I am using KDE Neon. - May 12 2017
This don't work, I don't see this icon set name in settings>icons.
I have just extracted there how to activate it? - May 12 2017
I totally forgot for mind mapping software Freeplane (Java).
Freemind (Java) is also welcome (Freeplane is fork of Freemind), VYM (View Your Mind-Qt) and Labyrinth (Phyton and GTK+). They are all open source mind mapping software :) - Apr 23 2017
One more app Open JDK java from the beginning of the time it's missing in every icon set. - Apr 20 2017
Awesome! Since we do a music production and there are no icon set anywhere for the biggest and most powerful open source software for music production so next apps: Ardour, LMMS, Rosengarden (it looks it is here but it is too much red, maybe just zoomed picture of rose to fit that shape?), Muse Sequencer, Muse Sore, Mixxx, Rakarrack (guitar effects), Qmidiarp (this is midi sequencer), QjackCtl (This is really important every DAW using this so whatever DAW you install you need this), Pure Data, Audacity (not sure if there is one), Hydrogen and the most powerful open source software synthesizer Zynaddsubfx (They have new logo like Z letter with two triangles on their website, they making completely new UI design so that will be new icon.)

Other apps that missing are: app is also installed with gimp or krita I think called Image Magic like blue wizard on white icon, Synfig Studio (for doing 2d animations), Browser Vivaldi is like obsidian but something is not quite good there, explore this icon if you can, Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher, RawTherapee, Photivo, GTK+ Font manager (have the same icon as Font Viewer), Sweet Home 3D and Scribus (if there are no icon for it) For video there are Openshot, Pitivi, Cinelerra and KDEnlive. That's all most used powerful open source tools :) If you can make a full list of every icon we have in Obsidian and to spread more words about it you can post this on Deviantart and Github. Github is excellent place for this :) This will be the only icon set who contain icons for every software in studio for music, graphic, photo and video. - Apr 20 2017
One more icon missing and it is really important is one great open source cross platform messaging (text, video, audio) client with full end to end encryption - Wire. - Apr 18 2017
Thank you man, you are the king!!
I had a problem with Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 so I had to go back on 16.10 and there are one more icon missing without any new software it is "xdiagnose". That is x diagnostic settings with microscope icon very ugly and blurry. - Apr 15 2017
Awesome! Someone really needed to make faeneza live again, thank you!!!
When I install fresh Ubuntu Gnome and this icon set without new apps (only chrome) there are a lot of missing icons (and they are missing there all of these years). Please make them:
files (nautilus), books, documents, cheese, calendar (it is similar but it's not that style), maps, music, photos, text editor, videos, weather, characters and logs. They are only missing icons so system can't look perfect. I didn't go deeper but if they are missing from main applications menu then it looks bad it force me to uninstall those apps.
Please consider making them. Thank you!! - Apr 10 2017
Breeze Transparent Dark

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Jul 06 2017
Unfortunately after restarting computer, shadow appears again.. - Mar 28 2017
Thanks! I find a way:
(1) xprop -remove _KDE_NET_WM_SHADOW
(2) click the panel from which you want to remove the shadow - Mar 28 2017
Nice! I just found out that I can make same dock with plasma wtf, I can't believe I didn't find that earlier.. KDE should make a mode for this look..
Is there a way to remove a shadow from dock? Maybe from Desktop effect? - Mar 22 2017

Aurorae Themes 42 comments

Score 83.6%
Sep 03 2017
It's work very good, for kde plasma I think it is the best. You can put all widgets there, system icons, all widget I think, so you don't need default panel. But it does not look very good and turns out you can't turn off shadow, only from icons and someone need to make an awesome theme - and these Breezemite could be more complete theme with new this dock if it looks more like from Sierra. :) - Mar 22 2017
If you didn't tried yet latte dock for kde plasma you must :) Because it is very similar to os sierra dock. You can notice it have some plasma hard shadows and sharp corners. Can you make it to look more like sierra dock. On this page in comment bellow, latte developer Michail Vourlakos explained to me that he can't change that shadow but someone need to make a theme for that. Can you make OS Sierra theme for plasma, or just that dock to look like os sierra dock? That shadow is really ugly.. - Mar 21 2017
Totally weird if that can't be changed you should report them, I would but I don't know anything about that :(
I think I saw different colour of that border on some themes but do not take my word for it, I am not so sure..
Also that thing with sharp corners should be on their to-do.. - Mar 16 2017
Thanks for trying! That colour is changeable, when that windows is not selected it changes to grey. Maybe it is in some other file? - Mar 16 2017
Man those borders are ugly as hell, you totally understand me.
It's missing a very little to be perfect.. Can you remove that blue outline around white field in dolphin? I really don't understand why they are forcing blue colour there. It should be grey or nothing. - Mar 15 2017
It is really nice, thank you very much! Only one thing, bottom corners are sharp not rounded like they should be. Can you please fix this? It is really important to have all corners rounded.
Also can you make widget style like yosemite, that would be wonderful and the best theme for kde beside breeze ! :) - Mar 15 2017
Suru Plus 25.2 Dark

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by gusreis1989

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9   May 02 2019
Score 88.5%
9   May 02 2019
++++++++ The best!

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by madmaxms

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9   May 19 2018
The best! Even better than obsidian I think.

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by tiheum

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9   Apr 11 2017
Obsidian Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes
by madmaxms

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9   Apr 10 2017
La Capitaine

Full Icon Themes
by krourke

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9   Mar 22 2017
Score 83.0%
9   Mar 22 2017
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements
by Psifidotos

Score 87.7%
9   Mar 17 2017

Aurorae Themes
by andreyorst

Score 83.6%
9   Mar 15 2017