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Peter StJ Varna, Bulgaria
Windows 8 Metacity

Metacity Themes by sinner59 13 comments

Is this supposed to be working in gnome 3.6 and above? I cannot get it to work:( maybe the format is different, I see themes names metacity-2 and 3.. otherwise very nice and the gtk is also working well - May 25 2013
Neotif (GTK Theme)

GTK2 Themes by aubade 15 comments

Any chance for gtk3 support? Would be epic...

Those new themes all look the same:( - Feb 18 2013
Neotif (GTK Theme)

GTK2 Themes by aubade 15 comments

I have updated the engine and the theme and now it is perfect, have been using it ever since I found it. Tried twice to go back to another theme but just could not:) This is so good.

Thanks - Jan 26 2011
Neotif (GTK Theme)

GTK2 Themes by aubade 15 comments

The focus ring on regular buttons is shown (as dotted pattern) correctly, I am talking about the focus ring on text areas and text entries, like in clear looks and all other forked engines, like equinox, murrina, aurora and so on. It is also possible to do it in pixmap engine (done like follows:
function = FOCUS
recolorable = TRUE
file = "entry/entry-active.png"
border = {2, 2, 2, 2}
stretch = TRUE
where the png is stretched over the entire widget and the focus ring is simply part of an image and not a real border
If the engine does not support it, it is still okay IMO, i was just asking.
Never the less I use the theme now on all my computers and it is awesome! - Jan 12 2011
Neotif (GTK Theme)

GTK2 Themes by aubade 15 comments

I really love it, quiet different from the 'modern' looks, polished, glassy, sparkling.
Real joy for the eye of the all day computer user, tired of bold colours and 'breath taking' interface.

Thank you for much for sharing this. I use it already and I am really happy with it.

One thing I miss in it though - focus ring for entries: sometimes it gets harder to find your way in data entering panels/apps where more than 2-3 entries are available when there is no focus indication for them. - Jan 11 2011

Full Icon Themes by aubade 22 comments

I love the gtk theme and the window decorator theme, please let me know what they are and if possible, where I can download those.

Thank you! And happy new year! - Jan 01 2011
Radiance Window Control Tweak

Metacity Themes by danko101 3 comments

Thanks so much, this really helps, I have gnome-do but I did not realize there is a separate project.
Thanks once again - Apr 12 2010
Radiance Window Control Tweak

Metacity Themes by danko101 3 comments

What is the dock used in the screenshot please?
It looks like gnome-do, but I cannot make it stand elsewhere than bottom of screen.

Thanks - Apr 11 2010

Full Icon Themes by Scnd101 48 comments

Thanks for sharing the icons
I was looking for something like High contrast theme in gnome and yours is really great, i really dislike all the colourfulness of the "modern" desktop (like if it is not colourful it is not modern) and your theme gave me hope:)
Please make icons for some often used apps like transmission and such
- Feb 22 2009
aqua scrollbars

GTK2 Themes by malwk 19 comments

I am sorry, this is discontinued, I am not using anything like Aqua these days, we now have much better engine (see dev branch of nodoka - modern style) it is way better and not so early 00's.

Feel free to create your pngs and use them in the theme of your choice. The rc is provided as 'know-how' to make the stripes 'swim' under the scrolling like it is working in osx and not a complete implementation of the idea, to be honst currently I am using gtk1 default look alike of the scroll bar (can be seen in the latest metacity theme posted here) - Feb 21 2009

GTK2 Themes by Darkman 7 comments

Where can we get a suitable theme for metacity for this look please? - Feb 21 2009

Metacity Themes by malwk 3 comments

I know about this (in my case it is a white line instead of black, but clearly visible especially when you have wobbly windows enabled or zooming). Unfortunately I do not know what is causing it so I don't know how to fix it. If someone know please let me know. - May 03 2008
Grey Society

GTK2 Themes by Newmooon 8 comments

It is a bug in the engine, there is a patch (in this site) that claims to fix the bug and uses alpha to fade out the inactive icons. Another way to work around this is to use different engine just for the buttons that have icons, murrine or aurora are good at buttons with lots of options. - Apr 08 2008

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 23 comments

Can I also have the gnome panel instructions please:
malwkgad at telecoms dot bg

thanks - Mar 21 2008
aqua scrollbars

GTK2 Themes by malwk 19 comments

The link has been updated, sorry for that.

The work on this project is discontinues due to the limitations in mozembed. It is a software limitation that cannot be overcome with theming, sorry.

Besides I think Aurora has a good enough look for scrolbar handles:) See Allusion for demo. - Mar 16 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 347 comments

The engine can initialize the options only once, currently (version 1.4) if you set up anywhere in the gtkrc file lets say "curvature" you cannot overwrite the options for a particular class or widget - always the first one found is used. This was introduced as a bug in murrine and resolved long time ago,

Please fix this as having all widgets with the same options is not flexible enough for the themers.

Note: Might be wrong but also the subclass instances should be able to overwrite the parent class options on the same engine. GtkButton options should be inherited by GtkToolButton but the style applied to GtkToolButton should be able to overwrite any engine options introduced in the parent class. This currently is NOT working.

Thanks. - Mar 12 2008
somewhat leopard

Gnome Screenshots by zp3dd4 3 comments

Uhm...where's the Firefox menubar? Dont tell me it is in the gnome-menubar-applet..... If yes - HOW?
XUL is not working with this...please tell us:) - Mar 03 2008
xl_cheeselooks gtk-engine

GTK2 Themes by xlcheese 50 comments

Hum, yeah, Andrea Cimitan, dude, you have become really arrogant, didn't you...

Because of the great ideas born in your head ppl like me with a good aestetic feeling need to use 4 different engines in the same theme to get what they really want their applications to look like. Coz it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it with just one. Becuase of the imaginary great flexibility you are talking about.

Just concentrate on your work and stop critising other ppl's. - Mar 03 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes by DanRabbit 330 comments

I can swear I saw OSX original icons in one of the distributed packages.

With all my respect isn't it too much to expect "donations" on selling propriatary icons beloning to apple inc? I will be glad to hear what they think about it, will be fun. (for your reference - dev package -> scalable -> apps )

I will pay 10 bucks for:
a) absolutely complete theme, meaning i dont want to inherit 10 different themes (I might not have) I just want to install it and EVERYTHING every single icon should be in this theme.
b) The theme should be HIG compatible (meaning the resizeable icons should be scaled down to 48, smaller icons should be different, in order to make them easely distinguishable)
c) The theme should NOT use other authors artwork - I can build theme from multiple artists on my own, thanks, I want some original art work. If another artwork is used the two (or more) themes should blend fine with each other!
d) the theme should NOT use/include propriatary icon work

In this case I might decide to support the artist. - Feb 28 2008
stealth engine (soon to be released)

Gnome Screenshots by mvel 6 comments

For now it looks awfully pixmaps based (has its bug for inactive widgets icons)

- Feb 23 2008

GTK2 Themes by malwk 4 comments

I dowloaded this package and saved the wallpaper only from the tarbal. - Feb 17 2008
They are really great but (there's always a but) the difference between away and online is only in the eyes, which is not that bad if the user sees it in a mac style dock like kiba or awn but if the user is seeing it in the system tray the difference is too damn small for noticing it in such a small icon (presumably 22x22 tops).

Otherwise - great work, I love the adium styles:) - Feb 12 2008
Leopard 2D Dock

Various Gnome Stuff by evanwalsh 3 comments

Uhm, what is the GTK theme used, it looks wonderful.

- Dec 23 2007
Gutsy Gibbon to MAC OSX

Gnome Screenshots by PrinceOfPersia 3 comments

Uh, yeah, you are almost there buddy:) - Oct 20 2007

GTK2 Themes by mschwartz 2 comments

Thank for this I was almost despaired about this new Fedora default engine and thinking it is the ugliest of all (clearlooks, murrine, aurora). Thanks to your contribution I don't find it so repulsive now:) - Oct 16 2007
Simplicity is Beautiful

Gnome Screenshots by plutoprime 5 comments

Are you sure those icons are tango.. i have installed tango icons but my Home icons does not looks like this:)
Maybe some other tango repo?

Really great looking desktop indeed!

- Sep 18 2007
Laza Theme Pack

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 16 comments

Very elegant theme
At least on the screenshots. - Aug 24 2007

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 31 comments

Very nice job. I like it very much, at least it is something new (thanks God not based on the clearlooks again!!)

I have noticed some minor glitches here and there.
* scrollbars - the slider is bigger than the box and it looks strange, meaning nothing like the one on the screen shot of the project, please try to fix this, almost every app has a scrollbar.
* Entries - In epiphany there is a class (EphyLocationBar or something like that) that has actually two entries in each other. When the widget is active it is drawn perfectly (congrats for that, most themers never got that) but when it is not the focused widget they actually look like two entries (the text entry being inside the other where the icons are displayed next to the smaller entry) Can you please polish that?
* The scrollbar arrows - well, the gecko embedding apps has this - the scrollbar arrows do not get the INSENSITIVE state. Any idea on that?
* The Toolbar buttons - I have to admin the GtkButtons are the greatest part of it all, realy really good work, but why are the Toolbar buttons so inconsistent with the rest of the theme? Sorry to say it but they just don't look right with the rest. Maybe the toolbar btns could look mire like the regular buttons?

Thanks and keep going with the great work. - Jul 29 2007
aqua scrollbars

GTK2 Themes by malwk 19 comments

Sorry I don't understand the part with the progress bar.

You can use the overlay images just like in the scrollbars but I suggest you to use the murine engine with the proper highlight/contrast/color settings instead as it is animated:)

Good luck - Jul 13 2007

GTK2 Themes by linvinus 8 comments

Thanks for pointing it out.
- Jul 12 2007
aqua scrollbars

GTK2 Themes by malwk 19 comments

Because every single peace on the provided elements is made by me and/or by another author without copying anything,just imitating, it is okay to publish it under GPL, but I prefer artistic (I have my reasons)

- Jul 12 2007

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 13 comments

Actually I am interested in the default.png icon on the liferea, it is pretty cool. Can I have it please;) - Jul 12 2007

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 13 comments

Thanks for the info, I know they are not real time reflections as some of them are "wrong", meaning they are not reflection (can be seen on the icons that are not perpendicular to the base like the video icons) but I didnt know what you were using:0

By the way the new Kiba-dock has real time reflections and it is pretty impressive. Unfortunately it is not working with AIGLX, as it requires glitz or SDL to setup the drawable and on AIGLX you cannot have compiz and another GL app to run smoothly. But if you are using XGL/Nvidia it should work so once it is released (the code is reworked to use a new object system) it would be the best leaopard like out there:) - Jul 12 2007

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 13 comments

I believe the only logical question in this case would be:

How are made the reflections on the dock:)

And maybe what is the dock actually:)

- Jul 12 2007

Various Gnome Stuff by zeus 3 comments

I like it a lot, thanks for sharing. Not that I know where to use those;) - Jul 11 2007

GTK2 Themes by linvinus 8 comments

What is patched exactly? Coz what I see on the screen shot all can be achieved with reducing the x/ythichness and the style properties of the widgets. Besides the progress bar is still 20pixels with is really really ugly! Especially when used next to those tiny widgets...
- Jul 11 2007
Compiz Fusion logo Idea 2

Compiz Themes by openartist 34 comments

Indeed a very nice icon. Great job - Jun 28 2007
Leopard look

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 44 comments

It seems like you have not been hunting enough:)

Aqua buttons are still present in some configuration windows (the one that slides like sheets).

I guess this can be simulated in GTK as *Dialog*.GtkButton or something like that, haven't tried it yet

And OMG, there is spell checking in Firefox 2!!!!! - Jun 16 2007
Mac OS X Leopard

Gnome Screenshots by toby 12 comments

Oh come on:) This wont do the job, get real:)

What will happen is that just the underlaying widget will be shown, not that the manubar will become transparent:)

- Jun 16 2007
Leopard look

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 44 comments

I dissagree with that, as we only have TOPLEVEL window effects, nothing more.

In OSX you can have effects inside a window on an application level, something we will long for years from now. And this is sad, as they are using really the same hardware, like Intel 950,I played around with one yesterday, you will be impressed what it can do with this simple card compared to compiz/beryl.

Face it guys, we are BEHIND!

Not that I will give apple any money, they make lots of things wrong, but the graphics subsystem is YEARS ahead, I swear:)

So.... as we still hear only promises for support on toolkit level of the composite and so on, I believe it will be better if we not copy OSX anymore, I even hate the transparent menubar up:) - Jun 14 2007
Leopard look

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 44 comments

Where did you get the wallpaper from:)

It looks nice, but you see... we miss something - the graphics engine... i think it is futile to try to copy OSX further, they introduced quicklook and tons of animations everywhere, copying the cocoa elements just wont do it anymore.

Sorry, but this is the truth. - Jun 13 2007
aqua scrollbars

GTK2 Themes by malwk 19 comments

I said that before, I am saying it now again: this is not to be installed directly, the archive contains only a few files that a themer can use in its theme. This is _NOT_ a complete theme and cannot be installed.
Step by step tutorial cannot be provided here, but basically, you replace the rule for drawing your scrollbars with the one provided in this archive and you make sure to include the rc file in the gtkrc you use. Sorry for this, I don't have the time for a complete release and minor fixes.

If someone is interested in mentainning this I can provide a working solution that needs tweaks. Leave a message for this. - Jun 12 2007
baby blue

Gnome Screenshots by Sokobanana 9 comments

Umm... what is the GTK theme please? Looks like Milk but the buttons are different.

Please share:) Thanks - May 22 2007
Old Mac is Back!

Gnome Screenshots by plasmatron 6 comments

Good, it looks nice, but
a) what is the GTk theme
b) what is the metacity theme
c) what is the system font

we are supposed to guess or what

Just paste the links to the content if possible please. This will make more ppl happy tan just lookin at your desktop. - Apr 25 2007
Screenshot - Peaceful

Gnome Screenshots by play 5 comments

Thanks a lot:) - Apr 23 2007
Screenshot - Peaceful

Gnome Screenshots by play 5 comments

Where can I get this wallpaper? It is really great, easy on the eyes

Thanks - Apr 23 2007
After a break

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 5 comments

Hey zammi, how did you managed to blur the content under the panel/terminal?
thanks - Mar 01 2007
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 370 comments

Okay I am impressed.
You know what is the coolest new effect (IMHO)?
The gradient + hilight_ratio

How to use it:
Set the gradient variable to true and then lower the hilight to something like 0.9

See? REALLY cool looking glass effect, as good as any glass pixmap theming. Now, if you use some roundness only for buttons it gets even better. For example roundness = 2

This is really really engine. I llike it more and more.
Thank for the good job Cimi. - Feb 28 2007
Concept Desk

Gnome Screenshots by pegasus3000 1 comment

As far as I can see you are using the SVN version of the code for AVN, I'd have to say it is quite a good app, I was using it in version 1.1.3 and it still lack the ability to start applications and to activate it with drag and drop. What is the current status of this?
Thanks:) - Feb 08 2007
Wide Lake

Nature by xactive 2 comments

I have a question, how was this picture made, I have read long ago about a software that allow one to join several pictures and align them so it will look as on but I do not remember the name of the software? Have you used one of that kind or a wide angle camera?

Thanks - Jan 17 2007