Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 370 comments

He there

I have the following problem. I read about the mem leak and upgraded to 0.40.1 but it still leaks with murrine;
The program is transmission-gtk and the murrine settings are:
engine "murrine"
listviewstyle = 1
scrollbar_color = "#8AC5FF"
contrast = 1.0
menubarstyle = 0
menubaritemstyle = 1
listviewheaderstyle = 1
roundness = 0
glazestyle = 0
animation = TRUE

When I start the system monitor I can see that the transmission program is eating 1/10 of a MB of RAM every 10 secconds - that is a LOT. yesterday I when out and when I was back it was 153MB ram just for this simple application.
I think the engine is the problem as I made some tests today: I change the theme to ClearLooks and suddenly the ram eating stops. I change the theme again - it starts again - change back to clearlooks - it stops. Please take a look at this, I cannot run the program for more than 6-8 hours as I only have 512 of RAM.

I do not nessesarly imply that the problem is with the engine, it might be as well a problem with the program itself, but why then it starts eating so much ram when I use murrine? Should I provide some debug info ? Please feel free to require more info if needed in order to resolve this. Many thanks and all the best in the new year. - Jan 08 2007
Aqua Glaze (beta release)

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 21 comments

I just love it;) Keep going with the work - Dec 29 2006
Aqualooks - Update

Various Gnome Stuff by zammi 23 comments

Happy to inform you, zammi, the nautilus spinner is changed in the latest version so it is no longer strangely drawn by the engines.
One thing less on your side to fix:)

Hope to see the code soon:) - Nov 29 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 370 comments

I encountered a problem.
When compiling from source and use --enable-macmenu nothing happens, I mean the code does not compile with it. I have had to manual add #define HAVE_MACMENU 1 to murrine_draw.c for it to work for me.
Maybe it's my mistake:) it is writen to config.h I dunno why it it is note used. - Nov 20 2006
Aqualooks - Update

Various Gnome Stuff by zammi 23 comments

1. Notebook/Tabs (Still could not find a way to make the tabs centered) - will have to patch gtk.
3. Toolbar (Still nautilus throbber issue is pending. Need to find the way to active (focused) and background windows. Only focused window need gradient in the toolbar - I think you'll need to add one more issue - the new Evovution uses some new type of button, it behaves the same strange way as the throbber meaning it is not using the toolbar base. One of these days I'll dive in the code and will find a way to theme this.
The last - If you find a way to do this without patching gtk/gdk you'll be my next hero, right with AqD.
Good luck with the engine. Also note that it is not needed to completly mimic Aqua, just close enough:) I'll be glad if we (the comunity) could take a look at the code eventually, if you are planing to relase it as GPL. It's been a while so.... - Nov 09 2006
Another OSX looking Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 18 comments

Thanks but it not working for me, anyway I managed to configure kiba to act as good as the gnome panel. Thanks anyway. - Oct 30 2006
Dyndyn Gtk+2 Engine

GTK2 Themes by sijp 46 comments

As far as I understand your point (I am not very good in english so if I am wrong please feel free to correct me) you will mind if after the recent changes you are making to the engine and all the widgets got round edges, I take the code and see what is modified and what is not and then rewrite some stuff in it to allow square edges for the buttons and other widgets and then realease it with another name or just another version. Is this the case?
Of course inside there will be some credits but who actually read that?
You do not have legal not moral reason to stop me from doing this every time you release a newer version.
Because you have decided to suspend the square edges by asking the users and because most of them wanted this. Well there is still part of this user base that do not want it and they will benefit this "fork". It will not be really a fork, just patch.
Last but not in importance me and my colegues greatly respect your job as none of us has the time and will to write such software and as far as I know you are spending lot of time on this and we are using your engine fulltime. But still we have the right to change it in order for it to suit better our needs, and this is exactly the point of the open source. And I am really sorry you feel that way. What you maybe do not understand is that your job is important and good - so if someone is using it it is GOOD!

As of Quinn's fork of the compiz - PLEASE - they kept sending and sending the patches to david but he was not willing to include it in the compiz tree. He wanted the compiz to go one way, quinn has her mind other way. As of this moment (and not from today or yesterday but for a long time now) the quinn's work is better as she's working mostly on this and david has other things to do. The reason for the fork was exaclty this - not beause someone was using someone else's work but because they had different view on how the project will be structured and what is important.

And this is exactly what is going to happen with murrine if you keep including new stuff and in the same exclude already proved to be good stuff.

Peter - Oct 29 2006
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 52 comments

Well, changing basic functioanlity and navigating to another one is a bad option (personal opinion). Just take a look at how every project tries hard to stay backward compatible
Anyways I'll have to learn Cairo if you do not provide an option and fork the engine for myself.... Gosh I'll hate that.
By the way if the code gets buggier with runtime option, how about a compile time option (--enable-square for example) - this will be much much easier to implement. - Oct 27 2006
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 52 comments

I'm trying....lookin,lookin.lookin...
And no, I don't like the rount corners. Please promiss me this - it will be configurable - ppl like me will be able to stick with the sharp edges! PLEASE!
You know why I do not like the round corners? It resembles TOO MUCH to clearlooks! Really.
You know what else, today after modding somewhat murrineNeoGraphine for the first time scince I use Gnome I feel like I have a theme at least as good as the Aqua interface! I swear! And this means you are GOOD!
You need some request when decinding what to do next with the theme? Ok here is one:

Add a focus ring for the GtkText, GtkTextView, GtkEdiatable and GtkOldEditable just like the one for GtkEntry! Please do this:) I promiss it will be easy to code.

PS. I'll post my modded theme in this site later this evening. - Oct 26 2006
Another OSX looking Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 18 comments

The newer versions of kxdocker uses compiz and shtuff to do it's job. I will not try it as I am not using KDE nor have I installed the kde-libs and deps but still the dock now looks like being able to wotr with the new technologies like AIGLX/XGL and GL compoziting managers. Maybe it is faster now.

Hope that will help to achieve the so dreamed OSX look:) BTW i think kkiba has better effects but wors functionality. Can someone intergate more functionality in kiba? Please:) - Oct 26 2006
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 52 comments

No, not the round GtkScrollbar widgets PLEASE!
How about better notebook widgets huh? Like centered instead of left shifted? I'd really like that. Let me guess, it does not depend on the styling engine but on core gtk.... and still the round scrollbars are disgusting:) At least they should be optional :) Not the default or only choice! - Oct 26 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes by cimi86 370 comments

The new Concave look is really GREAT especially for the toolbar buttons. Keep going with the good work! - Oct 24 2006
Another OSX looking Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 18 comments

The KXdocker is used, but is not very usable (at least here - with AIGLX/Compiz as it gets bad and ugly shadows and it is VERY slow - at Pentium M 1.8Ghz)
The theme zammi is working on is based on a modern engine, I have used the pixmap engine to mimic the Aqua interface but major difficulties have been faced, like:
a)no way to set the state of the widget in the inactive windows to INACTIVE (for scrollbars and buttons, that is what happens in Mac OS, that is why they are greyed out / have no colour ), no way to mimic fully the aqua UI
b)still no clue how to apply styles to some widgets (nautilus-> throbber, Epiphany->Locationbar (there are two embeded GtkEntry widgets, will have to see how it is managed in Clearlooks as the focus ring is drawn correctly only there) )
c)pixmaps has some limitations like overlay_file is not tiled, thus the aqua live-moving striples on the scrollbar are difficult to reproduce. Currently I'm working on a patch for the engine to make the overlay file tiles when not streched (like the base image file) Alternatively the stipple pixmap can be used as a base image and the rounded corner slider as an overlay but no transparency is supported for the base image (gtk2.8) and I cannot use round corners. Someone can help?
d) still have not discovered a way to draw the focus ring over lists and groups (basic UI feature in Aqua, see Aqua HIG)

This is not my prime time objective (to mimic the Aqua, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to mimic it fully as explained (see a) without patching GTK/god_knows_what) so I'm just figuring out the capabilities of Gtk/GnomeUI libs. As of yesterday the test for QT 4.3 on OpenGL are available and... ladies and gentelmens we are way behind:( So sad soooo sad.... - Oct 24 2006

Compiz Themes by turbojugend 6 comments

thanks - Oct 17 2006

Compiz Themes by turbojugend 6 comments

WHat is the Icon theme used please:)
I like it very much! - Oct 16 2006
my first work with vectors

Cliparts by rusmadtux 4 comments

This is really good, It reminds me of something, maybe a desinge I have seen on one of the my grandmother's houses. It is really great and realxing. Very good job, keep on going!! - Oct 16 2006

GTK2 Themes by turbojugend 5 comments

Great Icon theme, please share with us! What it is, where did you get it. Please post a link to it.
Thanks - Oct 16 2006
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 52 comments

The diagonal stripples on the menuabr - it's too much I swear! How about hacking a bit for the usability? Let's say draw color line (presumably configurable via gtkrc) around the widget that has the input focus? (especially with the list view widgets and the default buttons (*HAS_DEFAULT) so we could finally stop count on the focus* style properties for user feedback on the focused widget)

Thanks - Oct 09 2006
Neutroniumized Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 10 comments

What is the GTK2 theme used?
This one really reminds OSX wisth shape shifter:) good job:) - Sep 29 2006

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 66 comments

Again a good theme, but this time too many strange things in it.
1. Embeded in each other TextEntrys(like Epiphany) -> double blue line, very ugly:(
2. The *Text* widgets got the wrong blue line in gaim and also in some other apps (meaning it's displaced on top and botom a white line and so on...)
3. The panel start menu looks strange too (like nothing else in the theme L:) )

But congratulations on the List headers buttons - great job! Thanks - Sep 10 2006
Unified Gnome Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 9 comments

How did You managed to get round corners up on compiz without left/right borders on the window frame? (I can see that there are no borders on left and right, right?) Which engine are you using and which theme? is this cgwd theme? - Aug 28 2006
Gnome 2.14 beta

Gnome Screenshots by MacSlow 6 comments

I really didn't know that Gnome 2.14 will look THAT good!
Let me ask you one question, what is the app you're running down as a starterbar? It looks like a regular gDesklets starter but it is not! It's truelly transperent ( I can see the window border behind it ) and still the icons are not. So please tell me what it is?
Thanks - Mar 09 2006
MacOS-X Aqua Theme

GTK2 Themes by DannyWu 266 comments

I really do wonder how did you make the top panel to have the menus of the currently focused app, like it is in Mac OS.

If you explain it will be great:)

And thanks for the great job. - Mar 12 2005