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Tom Malfrere

Network by tmichel 188 comments

I think the command is generated by kwlan, so I think the kwlan would need a fix.
Unless you can tell me where to change alter the command. - Jul 24 2007

Network by tmichel 188 comments

I have the same problem on SuSE 10.1 KDE 3.5.7.
I get "Could not find out your username ..."

And then kwlan wants to start wpa_supplicant (which is already running btw)
using the command "/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -Dndiswrappe -c/home/tom/.kde/share/config/kwlan.wlan0 -B"

I think there is a 'r' missing from ndiswrapper...

why??? - Jul 22 2007

System Software by shozaemon 38 comments

When I first saw your app, it looked promissing to me.

I've tried to build your app but the configure script fails.

I'm using SuSE10.1 64bit.
Problem 1: KDE dir wasn't detected correctly, solved this with --prefix=/opt/kde3

Problem 2: QT header/libs weren't found,
solved it with another directive

Problem 3: my KDE headers weren't found, I installed kdelibs3-devel, but they still aren't found. I think the configure script is confused by my 64bit environment...

Anybody who successfully compiled this on 64 bit? - Jan 19 2007