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Ahmed Ossama , Egypt
KDM3 Themes
Karamba & Superkaramba
KDE 3.x Splash Screens
Wallpapers BSD

Karamba & Superkaramba 14 comments

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Jan 07 2007
change eth1 to eth0 in system.theme file - Jan 19 2007
Debian Swirl KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes 2 comments

by TOD
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Jun 02 2006
aren't the icons and the way of showing the login, password and options based on the KDM Gears Themes series? - Jun 02 2006
BlueTheme KDM Theme

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Feb 20 2006
Does any1 knows where could i find the config of the default KDM Screen?

Thanks - Jan 08 2006
Debian KDM Gears

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Dec 15 2005
The link is fine, i have tried it now and it is downloading.

To take a screenshot for the kdm theme, i end the current session so the kdm is available at tty7, then i switch to a terminal and run this small script

chvt 7 ; sleep 5 ; XAUTHORITY=/var/run/xauth/A\:0-KzK2eN DISPLAY=:0.0 import -window root /tmp/kdmshot.png

the sript will switch to tty7, and will wait for 5 sec and take the shot. you have to check xauth path in ur distro. - Dec 26 2005
Mandriva KDM Gears

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Dec 15 2005
I have just added Debian, and i will work on the others. - Dec 15 2005
Linux Passion KDM

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Jan 10 2007
If anyone knows how to add a user menu to the KDM themes please tell me.

Thnx - Dec 14 2005
Just tell me how, and i will work on it. - Sep 08 2005
it is working here (Mandriva 2005) very fine, i just got KDM Theme from pbone and restarted kde went to kcontrolcenter>andminstrator>kdm theme, then located the .tar.gz file. - Sep 06 2005
Actually yes, i was inspired by the things teddy done in Revolution KDM Theme.

I forgot to thanks teddy coz i posted it very quickly.

Thanks teddy - Sep 06 2005
apachelogger kollaborates

Various Stuff 6 comments

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Sep 08 2005
I like it, but can u tell me from where did u get the this world map?? - Sep 08 2005