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Peter Schmitt
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Apr 24 2014
Sadly, I can not reproduce the problem. If I follow the link to deviantart ( ), there is a Download button on the top right. If I click it, I can download the Zip file with the theme. To install it, I just unpack it in
/home/manicfold/.icons and use Ubuntu Tweak to change to it. - Apr 27 2014
Hi waknin,

the ZIP file with the icons is stored at deviantart, because this way I only have to upload it once every time I make updates. So just follow the link to deviantart and there you find a download button in the top right corner. Hope that helps!
- Apr 24 2014
Just added the icons you requested. Have fun! - Apr 20 2014
Thank you :) - Apr 20 2014
Thank you! - Apr 07 2014
Thanks for the praise! - Apr 02 2014
Evolvere Icon theme

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Mar 25 2018
Thanks for the info! I never used KDE for long enough to see this. And the overlays don't seem to work as you said. - Apr 03 2014
Hi Frank, I love your icons!

I have a question regarding your icon.theme file. There are several *Overlay entries in it. What do they do? I did not find anything regarding overlays in the freedesktop icon theme spec.

The same for the *Default and *Sizes entries. Is there a document somewhere, which defines these? - Apr 03 2014
London Smoke

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May 17 2011
> The table heading has a glossy look because I can't seem to get the murrine code right for a smooth transition.

Try this (blatantly stolen from elementary):

style "murrine-treeview-header" = "murrine-default"
ythickness = 1

GtkWidget ::focus-padding = 0

bg[NORMAL] = shade (1.08, @bg_color)
bg[PRELIGHT] = @bg_color
bg[INSENSITIVE] = shade (1.04, @bg_color)

engine "murrine" {
gradient_shades = {0.56,0.04,0.05,0.18}
glazestyle = 1
contrast = 1.0
roundness = 0

# Treeview header
widget_class "*.<GtkTreeView>.<GtkButton>" style "murrine-treeview-header"
widget_class "*.<GtkCTree>.<GtkButton>" style "murrine-treeview-header"
widget_class "*.<GtkList>.<GtkButton>" style "murrine-treeview-header"
widget_class "*.<GtkCList>.<GtkButton>" style "murrine-treeview-header"

# Workarounds for Evolution
widget_class "*.ETable.ECanvas" style "murrine-treeview-header"
widget_class "*.ETree.ECanvas" style "murrine-treeview-header"

- Mar 04 2011
> I'm not sure what you mean by "headings of boxes".

I meant the labels on the frames :) I should have been clearer on that.

Cheers! - Mar 04 2011
Hi, some remarks after looking at the mockups:

- Content in buttons is not centered vertically, while it looks fine in the combo boxes. Can be seen especially in the button at the top which contains the "+" image.

- Contrast in active tabs is too low. Consider using a darker foreground color. Why is the color differrent from the one used in togglebutton1? There the contrast is better, although I'd make the text a little brighter there.

- Headings of boxes touch the box frame at the left side. I'd leave a small space there, as you did on the right.

- Why is there a glossy look in the table heading?

- Ugly handle at the toolbar, but I guess that is obvious :)

- The arrow in the light "ComboBox" should be dark as the one in the light "OptionMenu"

- Text in the menu is too bright. Consider too make it a little darker.

Keep up the good work - I like the concept!

- Mar 02 2011

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Jul 28 2013
E17 is the development version of the enlightenment desktop. - Mar 04 2011
Humanity icons for CPUfreq applet (dark)

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May 20 2010
You're welcome! - Oct 14 2010
Atomic Number 24 (Chromium Clone)

Metacity Themes 3 comments

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Dec 17 2009
The font is called Aller.

Dalton Maag design team designed a beautiful sans-serif Aller Sans, sponsored by Danish publishing company Aller (hence the name). The typeface was designed as part of the Danish School of Media and Journalisms new CI and is now available for free use and download.

You can download it here:
- Mar 03 2010
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9   Apr 07 2014

GTK3 Themes
by horst3180

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9   Apr 07 2014

Gnome Shell Themes
by ejrn

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9   Dec 01 2011
London Smoke

GTK2 Themes
by Padster

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9   Mar 02 2011
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9   Jan 31 2011
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9   Jan 10 2011
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9   Dec 05 2010
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9   Dec 05 2010
XIII [Edited]

Full Icon Themes
by leodelacruz

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9   Oct 28 2010
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9   Oct 24 2010
Fundamental Round 2

GTK2 Themes
by Hund

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9   Sep 27 2010